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Fly line care and maintenance

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'How should I look after my fly line?'

First of all remember that if you are travelling around with rods set up on your car rod carriers that fly lines can get really covered in grease and dirt off other vehicles especially driving on main roads and that I always cover up the reels and lines with a neoprene reel cover to keep both reels and lines protected. 

It's also amazing how quickly your fly lines can get dirty just from regular fly fishing and therefore it pays to clean your lines reasonably regularly. If they are not cleaned then the build up of dirt becomes impregnated into the plastic coating and in time will crack and split.

There are many different fly line cleaners on the market, however I have found that a can of Ambersil Groom upholstery cleaner bought from Halfords, is really excellent for cleaning lines and gives them a fine smooth finish, thus giving a really super casting action. Also a single can should last you for years! Ian Neale

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