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The best weight of rod and line for reservoir fishing

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I am trying to find out the best weight of rod and line for fly fishing a reservoir. Will Jones

You should look at rods of between 9' 6' and 10' 6' in length for up to #7 or possibly #8 lines. Three or four piece rods are very much more convenient than two-piece rods. As with buying any rod, do try one or two before making a decision. The feel of a rod is quite subjective and personal and one rod that one person likes may be one that you hate, but it may still be a good rod.

As for lines, anything from Cortland, Scientific Anglers and Rio should be good. Snowbee lines are also very good and good value for money. Well worth considering.

When it comes to reels, think about a cassette reel. Although these are slightly heavier than standard reels, they have the great advantage that spare cassettes are very cheap - usually a lot less than spare spools. £

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