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How to tie on a dropper

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No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to tie a dropper on to my leader properly. What am I doing wrong. Robert

Tying a dropper should be an integral part of making-up your leader. The dropper is part of one of the lengths of mono that comprise the leader, not something additional.

The dropper should be the end of the upper length of two lengths of mono. If your dropper is the top of the lower section of mono and the joining knot fails, if you have a fish on the dropper, then you will loose it.

If you want your dropper between the first and second lengths of mono that make-up your leader, leave the lower end of the top section at least six or eight inches over long when you tie your knot. This will give you enough material to play with when you tie-on a fly. You can make another dropper in the same way with the end of the second length when you tie it to the third.

If you use blood knots then the dropper will stand out at right angles to the leader. If you use a surgeon's knot, then the dropper will point down the leader.

For more on knots see our knot directory.

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