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A rod for dry fly fishing on small rivers

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Could you tell me what is the most popular fly rod length and stiffness and also the most popular fly line, to fish with a dry fly on small rivers average 25 to 30 feet wide, for trout? Roger Fisher Boudreau

>From what you say, we suggest that a rod of between 8 and 9 feet for a 4# or 5# line would be about right. For dry fly fishing you will need only a floating line, probably a forward taper. The amount of bankside vegetation will have an effect on rod length: if there are lots of trees a shorter rod can be better, but if you have to cast over reed beds etc, then a longer rod is helpful.

As regards rod action, depending on your level of experience, you will find that a fast action rod is great for a competent caster who gets his timing right for every cast. It will be a challenging rod to fish. For the less experienced, a mid action, or one with a more 'through' or progressive action, is likely to be a better rod to cast and thus nicer to fish. The advice is: try before you buy. A good tackle shop should be able to show you a selection of rods and lines to try.

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