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Help with braided loops and sink tips for beginners

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I am a complete novice at fly fishing, and seeking advice. Firstly, what is a braided loop, where is it tied, and what use is it? Secondly, is a sink tip line used on running water, or can it be used on lakes etc? Stephen Coleman

1. A braided loop is a loop made out of a short length of hollow braided nylon that is attached permanently to the business end of a fly line. You can then attach you leader to the loop, either by a knot or, if your leader has a loop on the end, the loop-to-loop connection (you can find this in the Knots directory). You can buy them ready-made, or make them from a length of hollow braid - both should be available from tackle shops.

2. A sink tip line is more likely to by used by a trout fisherman on a lake than a river. They are also used by salmon fishermen when they are wanting to get their fly down deep but don't want to fish with a full sinking line. Stillwater anglers use sink-tips when they want to get their flies down quickly and then adjust them to the depth at which the fish are feeding.

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