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The Perfection Loop

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With the advent of fly lines now coming with welded loops in them at the end, is there any merit to tying a loop in the end of my fly one with a Perfection loop? This would certainly make it easier to attach a knotless tapered leader or a piece of leader butt with a loop to loop connection, and make it easy to change them as the need arose. Chris Wheatley

My concern about using a Perfection loop on the end of a fly line is that the resulting knot would not be very smooth if and when you need it to go through the top ring on your rod. It would help if you covered it with something  like silicone bath sealant to give it a smooth, tapered shape.

Braided loops work well, although not everyone likes them.

You could whip a loop on the end of the line. Take a scalpel or sharp craft/Stanley knife and cut a tapered slice off the end of the line. This will help give the whipped section of line a tapered shape. Make you loop and whip the two bits of line together with tying thread. Coat the whipping with waterproof super glue or fly tying head cement.

One point to remember with floating lines is to seal the end of the line to stop water finding its way into the core and, in the fullness of time, converting your former floater into a sink tip!

I hope these ideas help. Terry Lawton

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