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Fishing on the Frontier Part 55 - Duo for Purpose

This month Jeremy lucas takes an in-depth look at fishing the duo, or nymph under dry, and offers some timely advice on how to get the best from the method. ... Full story

Fishing on the Frontier Part 54 - Taking on Wild Waters

This month Jeremy is looking at the recent performances of Team England (Fly Fishing) and pondering just what has gone wrong... ... Full story

Fishing on the Frontier Part 53 - The Development of River Technique

Jeremy Lucas begins to develop his thoughts on specific river techniques in the latest in his ‘Frontier’ series. ... Full story

Fishing on the Frontier Part 52 - Sumava

Jeremy Lucas continues his exploration of fishing in the Czech Rebublic ... Full story

How to Tie the Albright Knot

Allan Shephard from Sportfish guides you through how to tie the strong albright fising knot. This is a great & simple way to attach you ... Full story

Fishing on the Frontier Part 51 - Where is the Frontier Now?

Jeremy Lucas has just returned from an ‘overwhelming’ two weeks in Czechoslovakia and Poland and opens his account here with, amongst other things, some lessons learned on the nature of water that fish will occupy. ... Full story

Fishing on the Frontier Part 50 - Coming Full Circle

In a landmark part 50 of his ‘Fishing on the Frontier’ series Jeremy Lucas looks at the efficacy of the ‘gentle touch’ when it comes to lines and leaders and the pursuit of wild fish in undamaged rivers. ... Full story

How to Tie a Grinner or Universal Fishing Knot

In this short video, Sportfish's Allan Shephard, shows you the basic steps on how to tie the grinner (also known as uni) fly fishing knot. Learn ... Full story

Fishing on the Frontier - Part 49 - The Conservation Frontier

I have long been fascinated and driven by what I perceive as the frontier in fly fishing. But there are numerous frontiers out there. Most obviously, they are the new places where we seek trout, or any fly-caught species, with fly. ... Full story

Fishing on the Frontier - Part 48 - Euro-Style; A New Boundary State

The modern river fly fisher exists at a boundary state, right on the cusp of control. There is a vast difference between the angler who is just that tiny bit out of control, fishing over-range or without a ‘tight’ line, say, and the one who achieves the optimum in all the possible variables. ... Full story

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