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Needle knot

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Use: Attaching backing to fly line.

Description: This is a good knot to use to attach the end of the backing to the fly line or a thick nylon leader butt. It can be tied with a nail or, more easily, with either a tube or a needle.


1. To tie this knot you will need a strong needle with an eye large enough to take the backing or nylon that you are using.

2. Push the needle into the centre of the core of the fly line and out through the side wall, about 5mm from the end of the line.

3. Thread the end of the backing or nylon through the eye of the needle and use the needle to pull about 100mm of backing or nylon through the fly line, out through the side.

4. Now lay the needle against the fly line with the eye in line with the end of the line. Make three turns of the backing or nylon around the line and needle, working toward the eye of the needle. Thread the backing or nylon through the eye and withdraw the needle and nylon.

5. Remove the needle and carefully tighten the turns, taking care that they do not overlap. Do not over-tighten the knot as this can cause a dog-leg in the fly line.

6. Trim off the tag end of the backing or nylon close to the line.

Graphics of knots drawn by Tim Pegg of Thilmcraft Graphics. E-mail: thilm@paston.co.uk

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