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Nail-less nail knot

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Use: Attaching backing to fly line.

Description: As no nail, tube or needle is required to tie this knot, it can be tied beside the water.


1. Hold the end fly line in one hand and the end of the backing, lying alongside the fly line, in the other hand.

2. Form a loop with the backing and hold it in place with the hand holding the line. Pass the end of the backing through the loop and wrap it over the backing and fly line about five or six times. Hold each wrap against the previous one with your thumb and finger.

3. When all the wraps are finished, pull the standing end of the backing until the knot comes together but is not fully tight. Slide the knot towards the end of the line, leaving about 10mm free.

4. Hold the knot firmly, so keeping it in place, and pull the tag end to tighten it. Final tightening is achieved by pulling on the standing end of the backing.

5. Finish the knot by trimming the end of the backing, and the fly line, if the knot is too far from the end of the line.

Graphics of knots drawn by Tim Pegg of Thilmcraft Graphics. E-mail: thilm@paston.co.uk

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