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Surgeon's or water knot

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Use: Joining two lengths of leader material

Description: The surgeon's knot or water knot is a good knot for joining lengths of nylon or leader material and can be used for attaching a tippet to the end of a leader. If the down-pointing end is left long when tying this knot, it makes an effective dropper. There is some argument about this knot which is referred to sometimes as the double surgeon's knot: this is, actually, a 4-turn water knot.


1. Tying this knot follows much the same procedure as the Surgeon's loop.

2. The two lengths of nylon to be joined should be overlapped by some 100mm. If right-handed, hold the tag end of the tippet and the standing end of the leader with the thumb and finger of your left hand.

3. Using your other hand, tie an overhand knot and make sure that the end of the tippet and the leader itself are pulled through the knot. Repeat this procedure for a true Surgeon's knot. (If you make two more overhand knots, your finished knot is a Double Surgeon's knot or 4-turn Water Knot.)

4. Moisten the knot, pull it tight and trim-off the tag ends.

Graphics of knots drawn by Tim Pegg of Thilmcraft Graphics. E-mail: thilm@paston.co.uk

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