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Dilly Wax

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Dilly Wax keeps your flies floating high and dry Dilly Wax keeps your flies floating high and dry

Dry fly fishers best kept secret

Dilly Wax (Floatant)


Whilst on a recent trip to Colorado, while fishing some of the fast flowing shallow rivers I was lent a tube of Fly-Rite Dilly Wax. I was surprised to see that with a name like” WAX” it was in fact one of the finest floatants I have ever used. In the fast broken water it not only kept my Hopper patterns up on the surface really well, even when trailing a Nymph NZ style. It also worked a treat on a simple “tash” indicator I made up from a short section of egg yarn to hang a couple of Stonefly nymphs below. As I was lent the tube sadly I had to give it back and I was miles from the nearest fly shop to get a tube to bring home.


When I got home to the UK I found that it is available here from Nigel at Lakeland Fly-Tying who tells me he has a growing number of people using Dilly Wax as it’s so versatile. It can be used safely as a line or leader dressing or even used when dubbing dry fly bodies so that it waterproofs the fly from the inside out making it ready to fish straight out of the vice, no overnight waiting for solvents to evaporate or flies to dry. It does liquefy very easily as the makers claim and it’s very clear so it will not stain any light coloured dressings.

This stuff really does do “what it says on the tin (tube)”


The makers of Dilly Wax, Fly-Rite, Inc. from Michigan claim that,

Our Dilly Wax is the very best and longest-lasting fly floatant available. Specially formulated, it liquefies between your fingers for easy application to your fly. It won't wash off in cold water, and once coated, the fly floats perfectly, time after time”.


Available from Lakeland Flytying



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