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Spey Flies - How to Tie Them by Bob Veverka

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Reviewed by James Andersson

This is a book written by a man who really burns with enthusisam for Spey flies and their origins. The book is also very much a tribute to Syd Glasso who was one of North America's best fly tiers and the one who started to use Spey flies for Steelhead fishing. The first chapter in the book is very informative for those who are interested in the history behind the classic Spey, Dee and Steelhead flies as we know them today. The book also has a lot of beautiful photographs which give the reader a picture of how the flies are meant to look. An inspiring source of new ideas.

The reader will also see how different tiers are putting their own style on different patterns. The book has, despite of its title, only three sets of tying instructions. This is a pity given the quality of the tying instructions included in the book. The book has a very interesting chapter where the author lets the reader know about different materials suitable for Spey and Dee flies.Unfortunately all of the materials discussed are not displayed on pictures, which certainly would have made the chapter even better if they had been. Now you have it described in words which in most of the cases is good enough but when you hear about a material you never have seen, you would, certainly in some cases, appreciate having a picture of it.

The book is something of a dictionary for those interested in Spey and Dee patterns. This has obviously forced the writer to repeat himself in some cases, just to ensure that the reader doesn´t miss anything important already discussed. It can be annoying if you read it - like I did - from cover to cover, but a strength if you use it as a dictionary.

This is a good book for those who like to tie and fish classic flies that you actually can afford tie and fish with today.

Spey Flies - How to Tie Them by Bob Veverka is published by Stackpole Books at £29.95 and US$39.95. Hardback 160 pages. With colour photography by Michael Radencich.

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