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Successful Fly Fishing Strategies videos with Gary LaFontaine & Dick Sharon

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Reviewed by Terry Lawton

Successful Fly Fishing Strategies, with Gary LaFontaine & Dick Sharon, is the title of two excellent videos of Gary LaFontaine and Dick Sharon showing viewers how to observe, analyse and then catch fish. As well as the actual practical fly fishing on some beautiful looking rivers, LaFontaine and Sharon come up with some very good hints and tips on, for example on setting and changing the drag on a reel and the best way to carry fly rods.

The two fishing chums, and Gary's dog, select different stretches of river - and a still water. They cover deep nymphing, with split shot on the leader, on a typical tail-water fishery, as well as dry fly fishing on a freestone river.

In volume one they also go float tubing on a high mountain lake. For anyone who has never tried a float tube, I don't think that I would recommend going afloat with an Alsatian on board as Gary does. Anyway, they discuss the productive areas to fish, the benefits of using longer rods and the importance of keeping a tight line in readiness to set the hook.

For volume two, the two chums start by fishing shoulder-to-shoulder on a rocky mountain river and searching for areas that provide fish with a place to rest. Moving on to pocket waters, the main advice is 'to match fly size to lip size'. They stress the importance of stealth and making the first false cast to lose water from the leader a short one so that the falling water won't frighten fish. The video ends with a session fishing streamers which trigger the aggression in fish. While fishing the confluence of a feeder stream and the main river, they manage a grand slam of 'trash' fish - sucker, squawfish and tench. This is the one time that they fail to catch any trout.

Although the late Gary LaFontaine and Dick Sharon will be better known to US viewers, their friendly banter as they discuss how to fish a stretch of water and pass-on tips and ideas works very well. These are two very good and enjoyable videos that I am happy to recommend.

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