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Three Flies & The River Don

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Three Flies & The River Don Three Flies & The River Don

by Paul Sharman

When I first saw the title of this DVD by Floating Bones Productions I was a little worried it might be too specific in terms of its location and while maybe a good resource for local or visiting anglers to the Don in the Sheffield area, not general enough for the public at large. Now I have had the chance to watch and enjoy the content I can happily report this is not the case!

Instruction in the beautiful surroundings of the River Don is at the core of this DVD with instructor Paul Sissons of SPS Flyfishing showing small river techniques while fishing with, as the title indicates, just 3 flies. Filmed entirely on free stretches of the river near to Sheffield, the lessons are generally applicable to any location and the format of following Paul as he works his way upstream, fishing and narrating at the same time made for a very enjoyable viewing. The DVD covers small river nymphing, both short and long line upstream, as well as the tackle and knots you will need to piece together all the components from backing to tippet to get started.

There is also a very handy section on fly-tying, which concentrates on the 3 patterns used and the materials needed to create them which provides the beginner a great introduction to this further branch of our sport. No, I'm not going to name the patterns but have a guess yourself and then get the DVD and watch it to see if you are correct! Here's a clue on the right ->

The lighting and production values while not necessarily in the BBC realm are more than satisfactory and this is definitely not one of those 'one guy and his shaky camcorder' productions. Some of the cutaways could have perhaps been a little less abrupt once a fish had been netted, allowing the moment to linger a little but overall this is a very enjoyable and watchable DVD which showcases some great instruction and a beautiful fishery which although flooded out by the recent devastating rains will no doubt bounce back in due course. A recent update by the producer states that "The river now looks very different after the recent floods. It's hard to imagine whilst watching Paul ankle deep, that the water level was 4-5 feet above his head. And 23ft up by the time it reached the city centre. Many features of the upper river have gone. Whole islands have disappeared and new gravel and shingle beaches have appeared. (Should be good for spawning.)"

Available in both European and US formats, the DVD has already sold in 16 EU countries as well as Australia and the USA and has paved the way for other projects in this series to come according to their website at Floating Bones Productions.

This DVD would be a great addition to your own collection or a clubs DVD library and at the price below you really can't go wrong!

Price - £7.99 + P&P (£0.90) available from Floating Bones Productions.

Running Time - 1 hour 10 minutes

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