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Bill Currie's classic game fishing books now available in eBook format from Fish&Fly

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Bill Currie is not only the greatest living writer on atlantic salmon fishing but he's also a great friend to us at Fish&Fly and we are delighted to be able to offer his classic books to our members.

These eBooks are more than just electronic copies of Bill's earlier works, they go where paper cannot. They carry links to an ever growing collection of videos, photographs, maps and websites that enhance Bill's stories. Now, for example, when Bill talks of the Manse pool on the Helmsdale we can see it with our own eyes and Google can pinpoint it to us from the sky. In the electronic world books have moved on but the stories and advice Bill gives are as fresh as the day they were penned.

Here is a section from one of his books. When do you think it was published? 

"I had on my reel one of the first 'speycaster' wet cel lines which Farlow's produced. The idea of a 'speycaster' is to provide a modified weight forward line which has enough belly to be rolled or speycast before the shooting line in the hand is taken out. On my prototype there was eighteen yards in the taper and the belly which made nearly perfect rolling weight for my rod." 

         Published in 1969, nearly 40 years ago. Who says speycasting fly-lines are new!

If you have not read Bill before, then download these free samples of the first chapter and enjoy the treat. They are not 'how-to books' (though much can be gleaned) they are more of a journey. We travel with Bill and get to know how he thinks. He becomes our fishing partner and freind as we stand beside him fishing on rivers and lakes all over the world. The quality of writing is quite wonderful and one can't help thinking that a fishing trip (if it could have been possible) with Bill Currie, Lord Grey of Falloden and Negley Farson would have been the perfect gathering!

Bill Currie's very best books are now available electronically with many special extras—featuring videos, satellite imagery, location maps, web links and a growing library of photographs. Download the first chapter of each here that is easily converted to the full book on purchase without further download.


The River Within 1994
The River Within is a collection of stories that are both passionate and thoughtful. Bill speaks with insight about the fish themselves, and writes about their allure and about how he pursues, yet cherishes them. 
Download Chapter One.


Days & Nights of Game Fishing 1982
Reading Bill's accounts of fishing in the wild places of Scotland is almost as good as being there. In the tradition of Negley Farson, ARB Haldane and Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart this book is evocative and informative. Download Chapter One.


A Gamefisher's Year 1969
An early book where Bill's enthusiasm shines through every page. In it we learn just how good the sea trout fishing on the River Shiel used to be! Bill takes us on a journey—with salmon on the Thurso to trouting on Eigg. Download Chapter One.


Where Extremes Meet 2008
Bill's wonderful new account of flyfishing in the remote salmon rivers of Canada, Iceland, Finland and Russia. A splendid exploration of the joy but fragility of the wilderness. Written about fishing trips he's made spanning 50 years, Bill takes us on a journey of discovery of both salmon fishing in wild places and how his own thoughts and feelings have evolved. Download Chapter One.


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