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Essential Patterns with Oliver Edwards

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Available from DGP Productions £14.99 (www.essential-skills.tv)

Fishing flies

The patterns on this volume as illustrated above are:-

CDC Dun; Semi Circle Spinner; Bubble Wing Caddis; Veli's Fluttering Willow Fly; Griffiths Gnat; See Thro' Buzzer; Plaited Abdomen Damsel; 'F' Fly; Foam Ant and The Bibio Hopper (complete with rubber legs).

A very good DVD containing clear and concise instruction and demonstration for tying a number of flies popular in the UK but coming from some world renowned fly-tyers as well as some from Oliver himself. There is a good mix of fairly quick and easy to tie flies with some much more complex. The small booklet with the DVD gives details of the hooks and materials required so that you can make sure you have everything needed before starting. From the menu you can select the fly you want and it tells you how long that segment runs for - this also gives you an idea as to how complex the tying procedure is. The whole video runs a few minutes under 3 hours. The small booklet suggests that the ideal way to view is by a video player or laptop that plays videos set up next to your tying area so that you can pause/rewind as needed while you get the various elements of the tying correct.

This DVD follows on from the 6 volumes of "Essential Skills" also by Oliver Edwards and a second volume of "Essential Patterns" is listed on the DGP website.

Each pattern contains within the tying hints and tips that will be useful to the experienced tyer as well as those just starting. I think the most complicated fly is the Damsel fly nymph - the video for this one is over 30 minutes - but it does produce a very good looking result. Not one to try if you only have a few minutes available or if you are a bit stressed! I will be having a try at it though.

A good video for fly tyers of all abilities and I look forward to viewing Volume 2.

Allan Sharman

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