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Game Fishing by Bob Church

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Reviewed by Terry Lawton 

Game Fishing coverBob Church's most recent book is a mixture of autobiography and practical "how to" catch fish. Iain Barr writes about reservoirs fishing, Hywell Morgan writes on casting, Mike Green Sea Trout; Salmon, and Flyfishing for Pike and Zander; and Dave Steuart Salmon in the South of England. Bob Church, game angler of the millennium, according to readers of Trout Fisherman magazine, discusses Sea Trout flies, tackle and tactics including fishing at night, his favourite Salmon rivers; small fisheries; the loughs of Ireland and finally river fishing for Trout and Grayling. Essentially, this means that there is something for everyone.

I found what Iain Barr had to say about reservoirs fishing was interesting and helpful and should I be asked to venture out onto a reservoir I would read what he has to say before going. He covers the season month by month so it is easy to look at the relevant section. Mike Green on fly fishing for Pike and Zander will appeal to anyone who has yet to have a go these predators with a fly rod, or who is not having much success.

There are plenty of fly patterns for those of us who tie our own flies and are on the lookout for new patterns to try.

Bob Church has been fly fishing for over fifty-five years and writing articles since 1963 and has now written sixteen books. He started writing for Angling Times in 1972 and continued his column for a record-setting twenty-eight years. His days as a competition angler, fishing for England, took him to some interesting countries including Lapland and also introduced him to the "killer" nymph technique developed first in Poland than taken-up by the Czechs with equally devastating effect.

The book contains the staggering number of at least one hundred and sixty-eight "grip and grin" trophy shots and displays of dead fish. I admit that I may have included in that figure one or two fish that were returned alive, but they were so many that I had to count them. These photographs are not an example of one picture being worth a thousand words.

Inevitably in a book with so many contributions the standard of writing varies but I felt that a little gentle help from an editor would have been appreciated by one or two contributors. Marks out of ten? Between seven and eight. Better editing and fewer photographs of dead fish would have secured an eight.

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