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Wet Fly Fishing on Rivers - Essential Skills with Oliver Edwards

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Reviewed by Allan Sharman

Essential Skills DVDA good DVD containing both instruction/demonstration of ways to fish northern spider patterns and tying instruction and demonstration for tying a number of popular northern spider flies with one from Oliver himself.

The DVD runs for just under 2 hours and is based on the methods and flies made popular in the mid 19th Century by W.C. Stewart. He wrote a book "The Practical Angler" or "The Art of Trout Fishing, More Particularly Applied to Clear Water".

On this DVD Oliver suggests that a return to Stewart's methods while they may make a days fishing more physically demanding will be more than compensated for by the enjoyment and achievement together with much improved catch rates.

On the fly patterns demonstrated other than the Greenwell's Glory and Stewart's Black Spider they are all, being spider patterns, somewhat similar. The demonstration is as normal with Oliver very clear and concise and well demonstrated.

On a personal note the Morris Minor 1000 Traveller seen at the very start brought back memories for me as this was (too many years ago for comfort) my first Company Car.

Wet Fly Fishing

The fishing methods demonstrated are:-

  • Down and Across
  • Square Across
  • The Escalator
  • Fishing The Wet Fly Upstream

While down and across is demonstrated it is not a method Oliver recommends!

The Patterns demonstrated are:-

  • March Brown
  • Snipe Bloa
  • Dark Needle
  • Greenwell's Glory
  • Stewart's Black Spider
  • Oliver Edwards Yellow Spider.

Please click play below to see an excerpt from the DVD 

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