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"Flies That Catch Trout" by Terry Lawton - book review

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Flies that Catch Trout by Terry Lawton Flies that Catch Trout by Terry Lawton

"Even if the title of this volume seems slightly laboured, it is about "Trout-Takers" - flies with proven track records from around the world, and which are often transferable to waters other than those of their origin."

This quote was taken from the Foreword of the book written by Robert Spaight and sums up the premise nicely upon which the following 240 pages are based.


Whether you fish for trout at home in your own country or travel the world fly fishing far off rivers and streams, this hardback book will have something of interest whatever your persuasion.


It contains details of 51 flies from 12 different countries around the globe. Each fly has a 2 or 3 page historical reference to whoever originated the pattern and why or whom made the pattern popular which makes for interesting reading.


The selection is made up from 23 Dries, 20 Nymphs and 8 Wets & Streamers There are also references to other authors from the last century up to the present day with their comments on the dressing or the flies use.


Sample pageThe text is accompanied by 96 photographs - 1 large detailed one for each fly plus the rest which are a mix of locations, natural insects  and fish shots. If you happen to tie your own flies each pattern's photograph is accompanied by a list of what materials are required and in some cases there are tying tips to help you replicate the original more closely.


This book is not intended to be a “how to tie” reference but more of a publication to dip into, to possibly find a fly that may solve a particular problem where you fish or even help you create a masterpiece of your own. Should you wish to read more about any or all of the flies mentioned, the very concise Bibliography at the end has a list of the more recent publications listed by authors name.


A very useful and interesting addition to any fly fishers library!


About the author

Terry Lawton is a passionate fisherman who fly fishes primarily for Trout but also for Pike and Grayling. He is the author of Fly Fishers Logbook (also by Hale), Nymph Fishing; A History of the Art and Practice, Fly Fishing on Rivers and Streams and Fly Fishing Journal.


Flies That Catch Trout

Author; Terry Lawton

Publisher; Robert Hale Publishing

ISBN; 978-0-7090-8193-7

RRP; £40


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