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"River Academy – The Complete Mayfly DVD" - the review

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The Complete Mayfly - third title in the River Academy fly fishing DVD series The Complete Mayfly - third title in the River Academy fly fishing DVD series

Terry Lawton takes a look at the third title in the River Academy DVD series which this time is a double disc set called "The Complete Mayfly".

When I watch Fish On Productions’ River Academy DVDs, I can’t help feeling a bit sorry for co-presenter Dean Andrews as he seems to spend an awful lot of time watching guide and instructor John Tyzack catching all the fish! But he does keep smiling.


The Complete Mayfly is the duo’s latest release and it provides two and a half hours viewing on two DVDs which is great value at a recommended price of £24.95. As well as lots of fishing and fly tying, one of the most interesting parts is the section of re-introducing Mayfly to rivers where they have disappeared. John and Dean are to be complimented on including this very interesting information which I hope will encourage trout fishermen to think about having a go themselves. It shows that there is, quite genuinely, more to fishing than catching fish.


And on the subject of catching fish, it’s a great relief that the two are not catching fish every cast. Yes they do catch plenty of fine fish but they miss and lose fish too. While some of the camera work is, in my opinion, a little static, there are some superb shots of rising fish and a memorable shot of a trout of a trout leaping well clear of the water in pursuit of a low-flying Mayfly spinner. Camera work like that really makes you want to go fishing!


The first DVD starts with fishing Mayfly nymphs on Derbyshire’s river Wye and then as the hatch progresses John and Dean switch to Mayfly emergers and then dry Mayflies. The nymph pattern and the emerger that they fish were designed by John Pearson and the Mayfly dun by John Tyzack. The fly-tying part of the DVD shows you how to tie all the patterns used.  To complete the life cycle of the Mayfly, John promises Dean some action later in the day, and into the evening, fishing the spinner fall.


The second DVD has all the tackle information, fly tying, entomology, out-takes and information on the river Wye. John recommends fishing with quite heavy tackle, a #5 line and tippet of 6 or 7lbs. He missed making the point that when fishing with big, bushy dry-flies that you need a thicker, and therefore heavier, tippet to get them to turn-over properly, particularly if casting into a downstream wind.


There are some excellent action shots of fish and flies behind the closing credits which it would have been good to see incorporated in the body of the programme. I would have liked a bit more technical information too. But all-in-all this double set is informative and enjoyable to watch on a wet winter evening. It will also be worth watching just before the start of the Mayfly hatch next season.


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