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Tactical Fly Fishing by Jeremy Lucas - book review

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Tactical Fly Fishing by Jeremy Lucas Tactical Fly Fishing by Jeremy Lucas

Terry Lawton reviews Jeremy Lucas' latest book which aims to pass on his wealth of knowledge and passion for learning advanced techniques and applying them in practice.

Tactical Fly Fishing, A Guide for the Advanced and Competition Angler by Jeremy Lucas

In some respects I am not the best person to review this book with its heavy accent on competition fly fishing as in my opinion fly fishing and competitions do not go together. I know that Jeremy Lucas – a fellow Fish and Fly contributor - writes that one should not judge competition fly fishing without any experience of it. And he is right - up to a point.  Jeremy lists some of the less than pleasant effects competing at an international level have had on him – “emotional ravages” - and I would not wish the same on anyone.

Now I have got that of my chest, let’s look at the substance of this new book. I do agree with him that the standard of skill demonstrated by many fly anglers is not that high. But if they are happy, why should we worry too much? Having said that you don’t need to learn a great deal or improve basic skills that much to make a day on the river much more interesting and rewarding. For those who want to improve – read on!

Lucas writes at considerable length on the importance of the correct leader set-up and describes a very wide range of different types. It is all very interesting but somewhat confusing as he is not helped by some less than clear diagrams. Another frustration was the absence of fly dressings as he includes some quite interesting flies that I would like to try.

The book includes a contribution on saltwater fly fishing by Chris Ogborne in which he stresses the importance of presentation. He achieves this by fishing at a sensible range – keeping far enough away from the fish (ideally bass) so as not to disturb them but close enough for accurate casting. This advice is just as sound on rivers.

I have always understood that what is known today as Czech nymphing was actually originated in Poland and then taken-up by the Czechs and other nations. Lucas maintains that the Poles adapted the Czech method for use with a maximum of two flies – as allowed by law. Jeremy includes some helpful, practical information on making and fishing a French-style coiled mono nymph indicator which I am tempted to try this season. It involves boiling and then freezing a length of heavy, coloured mono.

Lucas writes in a slightly quirky, idiosyncratic style which tends to be a bit repetitive. Some of this may be the former teacher in him coming out. But his emotion and raw passion for his chosen branch of fly fishing come through loud and clear on nearly every page. This is an intense and dense book that needs time to get the best out of it.

Tactical Fly Fishing, A Guide for the Advanced and Competition Angler by Jeremy Lucas
Published by The Crowood Press in hardback, 224 pages, at £25.00.

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