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Whoppa launch online angling logbook app

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Whoppa launch online angling logbook app

Whoppa.net is an online angling logbook that lets you share your catches and fishing spots with buddies from next door and around the world. Now they have an iPhone app too!

What they say

A 2-in-1 app that enables you to keep a detailed personal log of all your catches AND get up-to-date information on what's working for others in your location.

How many times have you walked past a fellow fly fisherman on the banks, and in passing you enquire, "Had any luck? Oh really... what with...?" Well, this is what this app is about: instant access to local knowledge. That, and being able to keep your own detailed record of all the catches that you make – learning and remembering from your successes in the past is invaluable, and the app does the remembering bit so you can simply reap the rewards.

With GPS capability to pinpoint your location on googlemaps and automatic date and time entries, it's never been simpler to log a catch. You can add as much detail as you like with options such as techniques, equipment, species, weight and length, fly type, hook size, season, weather, water type and water body... you can even add a picture. All the information will be automatically stored on your phone with the added option of being able to upload it to your account on the Whoppa website for safe-keeping.

And, if you want to see what's working for other fisherman at your spot, just click the "Recent Catches at This Spot" button to pick up some top tips and handy information. You can even adjust your retrieval area within a 1-mile, 5-mile, and 10-mile radius. With so much knowledge at your fingertips, Whoppa is your secret weapon to building an impressive catch portfolio.

What we say

The concept of being able to record either every or at least your most noteworthy catches direct from the water via an iPhone app is bound to be appealing to some. With options to record location, conditions, fly type and pattern, size and species of fish plus a photograph you could build up a pretty good catch log in no time.

Even if you have no internet connection when fishing you can still save the information locally on your iPhone and choose to upload it to the Whoppa.net website later when you get home or back in internet range anyway.

The community aspect of being able to share catches with fellow fishers both near and far is a promising idea, especially if you are visiting a new water and want to use the "Recent catches at this spot" button to check out how others have got on. However, in order for this to work it will need a large community regularly publishing reports so if you are keen to make use of this it is in your best interest to persuade your fishing buddies to sign up and use the system too then you will all benefit.

On the whole logging a catch through the app is a simple and linear affair. One long scrolling screen takes care of capturing the options you wish to fill in with a mix of typing and the spinning selection list you will be familiar with from other apps. It also uses Google maps so you can pinpoint your exact location - just centre the map on where you caught your fish and it will be saved along with that entry and logged on a larger scale map on the Whoppa.net site. There is then the facility to flilter the global results for the species or locations you are interested in viewing.

At the moment the weight is only recorded in Kg which is fine for most of the globe and the younger generation who grew up decimalised but older UK anglers may have preferred a lb & oz model. A global conversion tool is being considered though for a future upgrade.

At only £0.59 this is worth the pennies if you like to record your catches for posterity and want to refer back to them in future or share them with a larger audience. You are getting in at the ground level though so just be sure to spread the word and I am sure this community will continue to grow and benefit from audience participation.

Click here to visit the Whoppa.net/iPhone page and find out more and how to download a copy yourself.


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