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The Source - New Zealand

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The Source - New Zealand   latest DVD from Gin Clear Media The Source - New Zealand latest DVD from Gin Clear Media

This latest offering from Gin Clear Media follows on from The Source - Tasmania, this time looking at the spectacular trout fishing of South Island - New Zealand.

They Say

The Source - New Zealand is the sequel to the highly acclaimed The Source - Tasmania. New Zealand reigns supreme as the ultimate fly fishing destination, capturing the imagination of anglers across the globe.

Nick Reygaert, The Source – New Zealand's director, says, "NZ offers a seemingly limitless amount of variety for fly fishers yet each person enjoys and values the fishery in their own unique way. With The Source – New Zealand we set out to capture those special moments that define a fishing trip and through these get a glimpse of what the Kiwi experience means to each of the featured anglers. For some, it means casting size 18 emergers to delirious brown trout during a blanket hatch, for others it's the triumph of catching a 10lb plus fish on a dry fly, for others it's a jet boat ride into a remote fjord!"

Extensively exploring the South Island with an eclectic group of anglers, the film flows through a collection of stories that personify the New Zealand fly fishing experience. Filmed during the best year for big fish in the last decade, The Source – New Zealand features breathtaking fly fishing moments captured using HD cameras, stunning aerials and crystal clear underwater footage. From acclaimed director, Nick Reygaert, this film sets a new benchmark in fly fishing entertainment.

We Say

From the dramatic opening aerial shot of a pristine river valley deep in the mountains of the South Island you know you are in for a visual feast. Broken up into several chapters, The Source - New Zealand uses a very nice mix of the aforementioned aerial photography as well as some really nice underwater shots of trout in the gin clear (ever wonder where the company got its name!?) waters of the southland mixed in with the angling sequences set to music and narrative to camera pieces. These all combine to give a really nice picture of what any of us can expect should we make the pilgrimage.

For me the quality of the environment and the fish themselves shines through - nothing new there, we all know why New Zealand is so rightly famous, but it can be hard to capture and do justice to and I think this is where the film really wins for me. The majority of the footage follows a small group of friends, one angler at a time as they fish their favourite waters, stalking big browns and rainbows.

We get to see the fish laying in situ, watch the cast being made and the dry fly drifting over the danger zone followed usually by a great shot of the maw opening to engulf the fly and then a huge bow wave as the strike is made. Contrary to popular belief about the extreme difficulty of catching some of the Kiwi trout, it is interesting to see several of the fish get the fly placed on their nose followed by an instant hook-up. Might just be they are uneducated fish being caught for the first time but it gives us anglers a glimmer of hope that there are some easier fish out there that we might all get a chance at should we ever achieve the ambition to journey there.

At just over an hour for the main feature it is the perfect length for one sitting.


How to get a copy

Price = NZ$39.95 (=£19) + shipping.

Available direct from Gin Clear Media - click here!

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