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Uncharted Waters - Bassas Da India

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'X' marks the spot - Bassas Da India in the Mozambique Channel. 'X' marks the spot - Bassas Da India in the Mozambique Channel.

There are more and more fishing DVDs coming on the market each year and so each title needs something special or unique to help it stand out from the crowd. Uncharted Waters - Bassas Da India chronicles a real 'boys-own' adventure venturing far from land and civilisation in search of fishing dreams!

They Say

"6 friends embark on the fishing adventure of a lifetime to one of the most remote fishing destinations in the world. A 250+ mile sail deep into the heart of the Mozambique channel aboard a 46ft catamaran. Follow the crew to the tip of an underwater volcano rising up from 3000 meters called Bassas Da India.

Armed with every fly, rod, reel, line and lure watch as these fishing fanatics take on a real life Jurassic park. Join them as they test themselves and their fishing tackle to the very limit on Bassas Da India!"

RRP £25 + P&P running time approx 80 mins

A Smokin Drag Production

Available via
Sportfish and Farlows stores or at www.unchartedwatersthefilm.com which is due to go live shortly in Spring 2012

In association with: Sage, Rio, Nautilus Reels, Patagonia, Costa, Power pro, Hardy Greys, Penn, Funky Fly Tying, Bug Bond, Federal Air, Fulling Mill Flies

Starring: Jonathan Tomlinson, Glynn Henry, Brian Lavery, Jon Pratt, Terry Henry and Steve Pengelly

We Say

News of this trip started reaching our ears last year as friend of the Fly Fishing Forums and Sportfish consultant Jonathan Tomlinson (JT) started sharing detailed trip reports that certainly whetted many anglers appetites for more as the forum thread stretched on for 8 pages at the last count! There are loads of great photos and other images shared so check it out.

This was obviously no ordinary trip and required a tremendous amount of research and planning as JT and some of the crew shared with me at the recent Sportfish show in Reading. Bassas Da India is a completely uninhabited atoll located in the middle of the Mozambique channel that runs between the coast of Africa and the island of Madagascar.

As the DVD cover reads..."Join a group of friends on an expedition to the unexplored, out of their comfort zones as they undertake the journey of their lives. Share their home for 12 days of solitude, a 46 foot catamaran far from the reaches of sanity and civilisation, but smack bang in the middle of a Jurassic park."

bassas da india dvdThis sums up quite nicely what I found when watching this DVD. It is really a documentary of their trip, reacting to what happened in real time rather than working to an obvious script or shot list although of course I am sure there were certain things they wanted to capture on film. For me it worked. I found myself absorbed and feeling almost one of the team, itching to be rigged up and ready to take my turn on the flats, albeit when the incessant wind they encountered allowed them a shot, or hooking into one of the numerous species of gamefish they targeted off the boat like wahoo, tuna and even an epic marlin encounter!

Although the weather seemed to largely transpire against them once they had arrived at Bassas Da India, they made the most of their fishing days and provided some nice fishing action to watch and envy. One of the highlights is seeing just how numerous the local parrot fish were in places and that they were actually a great sight-fishing opportunity. JT stars in a nice sequence that ends with him catching one of these brightly-hued fish for the camera. There are other great scenes of surface action with poppers off of the boat and some nice underwater sequences also even though there seemed to be a pretty high density of sharks around the boat sometimes!

The other thing I found agreeable was that this DVD runs for a decent 80 minutes which is a lot more than some of the more recent releases (not to take anything away from their content - I just wish there was more of it sometimes!) As a consumer I think we all like to feel that we are receiving value for money and with film that has to include the overall length of the experience almost by definition so job well done. Mind you, they had to edit over 50 hours of film to get down to this so it makes you wonder what's on the cutting room floor? Where's the blooper reel?

I think the only question left to ask is - where's the next adventure going to be?

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