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Tied in the Hand (Odyssey of a salmon fly-tyer) by Sven-Olov Hard

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Tied in the Hand (Odyssey of a salmon fly-tyer) by Sven-Olov Hard Tied in the Hand (Odyssey of a salmon fly-tyer) by Sven-Olov Hard

You don’t need to fish for Salmon to appreciate this book, or even be an avid tyer of Salmon flies. The author traces the history of classic salmon flies going back over more than a century to the heyday of late Victorian era when exotic materials from around the globe where readily available.

Flies produced in those early days were truly works of art and were invariably tied “in the hand” without the aid of a vice. Sven-Olov does acknowledge the pre Victorian evolution of the salmon fly in the first chapter from Dame Juliana Berners book A Treatyse of Fysshynge with an Angle (1496) through the 1600-1700’s to the early 1800’s when the first book was published showing Salmon flies in colour ( The Fly Fisher’s Guide by George C Bainbridge) in 1816.

Sven_OlovThere are also many pages in this first chapter devoted to the history of individual tyers such as George Kelson, James Wright and Major John Traherne. The next chapter deals with Sven’s progression from childhood fishing fanatic through to his current craftsman’s attention to detail all carried out tying “in the hand”

For those readers that are not familiar with tying classic salmon flies there is a chapter entitled Salmon fly-tying - character and construction which not only details the name and position of each element but also describes the type of material and typical fly pattern in which it could be found. Tools and specific details of materials are then outlined.

Sven-Olov then guides you through the whole process of tying a classic Blue Doctor without a vice! From forming a gut eye to the whip finish at the end, each stage is described in detail.

Throughout the book there are very many high quality colour plates, many of them full page, supplemented by some watercolour illustrations by Lars Sundstrom.

Salmon flyThe book ends with a Diary of a trip to Scotland when Sven-Olov and Lars spend 9 days travelling across the Highlands visiting the rivers Ness, Spey, Dee and Tay as part of their research.

Published by Coch-y-Bonddu Books

ISBN 978-1-90-4784-51-8 Hardback Standard Edition £35

ISBN 978-1-905396-06-1 Deluxe Edition £575

This Deluxe Edition is limited to 50 leather bound copies each containing a classic salmon fly tied by the author.

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