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Whisky Opus - All You Need to Know About Your Dram and More...

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Just a sample of the detail to be found inside Whisky Opus Just a sample of the detail to be found inside Whisky Opus

Whisky and fly fishing have a long relationship. Billed as "The definitive 21st-century reference to the world's greatest distilleries and their whiskies", this book by Gavin D. Smith and Dominic Roskrow looks to be the perfect companion to have on hand to research a favourite fly tying tipple or hip-flask filler.


They Say

By looking at established whisky-producing countries such as Scotland, Ireland and America, and innovative newcomers like Sweden, Taiwan and Australia, not to mention whisky's growing popularity with customers in Brazil, India and China, the Whisky Opus is an unmatched exploration of the increasing popularity and ever changing geography of whisky from Banffshire to Bangalore.

Whisky Opus ocverWith Whisky Opus explore every whisky style, from single malt to moonshine, and train your palate how to recognise and appreciate them all withthe help of 500 evocativ e and informative tasting notes for the classic, prestige and an unusual brand from every featured producer, with at least 3 listings per distillery.

We Say

A weighty (300 pages) but very informative book if you are at all interested in malt whiskies (and we know many of you are - Ed!). Whisky Opus gives details of all main malt whisky producing countries and the whiskies they produce. It even covers the one distiller in Taiwan and apparently they produce very good whiskies after a very short maturation period. The introduction is a series of quotes and general information on the history, making (and drinking) of whiskies and what effect different casks have during the maturation process.

Each country has its own section with Scotland sub-divided into four. There are then details of each distillery with its owners, their address and website together with details about each of the whiskies they produce with tasting notes for each one. The only thing missing is the price which in some cases is probably just as well with the prices of some of the more mature whiskies.

Whisky Opus would prove very useful if you were on one of the whisky trails in Scotland. The book then has sections on Ireland, U.S.A., Canada, Japan, Europe and the New World all dealt with in the same detail.

A good book to dip into while sipping a good malt!


Buy Whisky Opus (Dk) from Amazon.

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