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Greys G-tec 9' 6' #7 Rod

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Greys G-tec 9' 6' #7 Rod Greys G-tec 9' 6' #7 Rod

Review by Simon Young

Appearance & first thoughts
I must admit that we had to check the AFTM rating on this rod several times while threading up a line because it is so light. It feels like a #5 weight and actually cast that weight line with ease!

One noticeable and innovative feature of this rod is the unique Duplon thumb pad on top of the high quality cork handle. I found myself putting my thumb in the correct place automatically which was not only comfortable but I'm sure it kept my casts on an even plane.

Below the cork grip is the skeleton-like alloy reel seat that has a rubber lined sliding collar that fits firmly into place on the reel foot with double locking rings. The 3 piece blank has a nice non-flash dark grey finish with the rings having black whippings tipped off with red and silver to compliment the detailing on the G-tec range of reels. This really does make the whole outfit look very smart when paired together and is a shrewd marketing move on Hardy's part. Each piece of the 3 blank sections has a line and rod details printed on it to aid lining up the sections and avoid any mismatches when assembling several rods at once. There are 2 Fuji style stripping guides and 9 Ultralite rings including the generous sized tip ring.

Performance & Opinion
This rod is a very fast action #7 but still feels extremely light and comfortable in the hand. It also loads very easily so you do not have to have impeccable timing or be able to double-haul with precision like a tournament caster to use this rod. It will therefore suit the majority of anglers.

The rod comes supplied in a good quality 3 section cloth bag and a custom made composite carry tube with alloy end caps.

There are currently 2 rods in the range:
G-tec 9' #5 3 piece
G-tec 9'6" #7 3 piece
But the range is due to be expanded for late 2007 according to Hardy & Greys Game Product Development Manager - Howard Croston.

Final Thought

Having used Sage XP's for the last 4 years and Loomis IMX 10 years prior to that, I'm wondering if its now time to take a step up I enjoyed this rod so much!

Part No. GTECROD020
Cost: Approx £329.99
Available from: Sportfish

"These rods are an outstanding choice for both still and running waters. Experience the new levels of power, in hand balance, control and delicacy that make the G-TEC ideal for every method of flyfishing."
Howard Croston, Hardy & Greys Game Product Development Manager

'When John Bailey loaned me a G-TEC rod for an afternoon I can honestly say I was astonished. Mongolian rivers demand you fish them at distance and the G-TEC achieved that like no other rod I've ever handled. But what was even more impressive for me was the way it controlled the line and kept me in touch with my fly. It's not often that you can truly say that a rod improves your performance but the G-TEC did that day.'
Leo Grosze Nipper, former Dutch Fly Fishing Team Manager

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