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Greys Streamlite 3/4 Reel

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Greys Streamlite 3/4 Reel Greys Streamlite 3/4 Reel

Review by Simon Young

Appearance & First Thoughts
New for 2007 from Greys is a range of 3 reels to match the new Streamlite rods. These new lightweight gems would suit the streamfisher and the largest one ,the 4/5, could also double up as a small Stillwater reel. All of them are finished in a discreet 2 tone satin silver and pale gold livery, the reel being gold and the spool silver with black accents. These reels are a cageless large arbour design just like their larger cousins the G-tecs.

Performance & Opinion 
This 3/4 model is tiny at only 2.93" (75mm) dia. And weighs only 3.6 ozs (103gm)
The frame and spool are well ventilated to reduce weight, an important feature when using it with 6' 6" - 8' #3-4 rods. The click check drag mechanism is smooth and efficient if not a little noisy and the reel can of course be changed from LHW to RHW very easily just by removing and replacing 1 screw inside the back plate. It even labels the holes for you so there is no doubt which way round you have it!

The drag control is large and furled so with the frequently wet (and often cold) hands you seem to always have when stream fishing, it is no problem to find and adjust the drag by a click or two when needed.

Overall a nice little reel which will perform very well for the task it was developed for as well as looking darn fine on your rod!

Part No. GSLR020
Capacity WF4 + 45m 20lb
Dia. 2.93" (75mm)
Weight 3.6oz (103gm)
Cost Approx. Reel £94.99
Spool £47.99

Available from Sportfish

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