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Snowbee XS Delicate Presentation Fly line

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Snowbee XS Delicate Presentation Fly line Snowbee XS Delicate Presentation Fly line

Review by Terry Lawton

When delicate presentation is the name of the game

Delicate presentations are needed on tiny streams!I think that stillwater and competition anglers will be aware of the real casting- and fishing-ability of Snowbee fly lines, but I do wonder how well they are known to the river angler. How many fly fishermen would include Snowbee along with Scientific Anglers, Cortland and Rio as being one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of world-class fly lines? Well, those in the know - and that includes many casting instructors and rod-makers including Sage - rate Snowbee lines very highly indeed. I have just been fishing with a Snowbee XS Delicate Presentation floating fly line which even the company's catalogue admits has yet to receive the recognition from the public that it has received from the professionals.

I am happy to admit that I am not the world's best caster - and never will be - but I found this line really does live up to its name. However badly one cast (trying or not), the line landed like the proverbial thistledown. This is a line that lives up to its name. Traditionalists have always maintained that a double taper line could not be beaten when delicate presentation is required. They will have to think again. Anyone who needs to make and appreciates the pleasure to be had from making perfect presentations be it on a smooth spring creek, chalk stream or even stillwater should try one of these lines.

Taper chartThe line is designed with a continuous rear taper profile which eliminates the need to aerialise the head only as with a weight forward line. This makes the line more forgiving to cast at close range as well as meaning that you can aerialise quite a length of line when longer casts have to be made. The front taper at 16 feet long, compared to a typical weight forward taper of eight feet, is longer than the taper of Snowbee's double taper line.

I first fished with this line on the Wiltshire Avon where it dealt with everything needed to fish quite a wide stretch of the river. The next day I tried it on a diminutive stretch of chalk stream where short ultra-accurate casts were called for. The line performed with aplomb on both days, neither of which, it must be said, were troubled by wind. As the line is so easy to cast, getting distance or punching out casts into a head wind should not be too much of a problem, even though the line does not have quite the aggression one would expect from a weight forward profile.

Snowbee XS DPThe line is a subtle, soft pale green which blends-in well and should not show the dirt like a white line does. The line feels very smooth and slick which is an aid to good shooting. The Snowbee XS Delicate Presentation floating fly line is available in weights two to six and retails at £37 in the UK.


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