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Leak Doctor from Snowbee

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Leak Doctor from Snowbee Leak Doctor from Snowbee

Reviewed by Terry Lawton

A while ago I was sent a sample of Snowbee Leak Doctor, a small pump spray bottle of clear liquid that you use to find invisible leaks in breathable waders. I felt that to test the product properly, I would need to have a leak in my waders rather than simply making a small hole with a pin. Sadly it would seem that these waders do have a finite life and having found a damp patch on my the bottom of left trouser leg a couple of times, it was time to put the Leak Doctor to the test.

Small leak in waders
Spraying the back of the area suspected of leaking produced the dark spot in the centre of the photograph, showing exactly where there was a pin-prick leak.
First you need to have an idea of roughly where the leak might be and then turn the waders inside out. You then spray the suspect area with a few pumps, until the area is wet. Turn the waders right side out and inspect the suspect area for any dark patches. If there is a dark patch or series of patches, that is where the leak is. There was a dark patch visible when I inspected the area where I thought there might be a leak. Because the liquid is spirit-based, it evaporates very quickly. Holding the place where the leak has been identified, turn the waders inside out again and mark with a Biro or felt tip pen the area which needs to be repaired. This can be done with Snowbee's Suncure Wader Repair or its Stormsure Wader Repair Glue. I coated the area in question with Suncure and left the repair out in the sun to cure. I then went fishing and at the end of the day my trouser legs were both quite dry. So success!

Using Leak Doctor spray is a much quicker and easier way of detecting leaks than filling a pair of waders with water and seeing where the water comes out. Wet waders will have to be left to dry thoroughly before they can be repaired. Leak Doctor can be used on the river bank, if necessary, as long as your waders are dry. Let them dry over night, find and repair the leak first thing in the morning and, all being well, enjoy a dry day's fishing.

Snowbee Leak Doctor costs £6, Suncure Wader Repair £5 and Stormsure Wader Repair Glue £5 for a single tube or a pack of two mini tubes. All products are available from Snowbee stockists.

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