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Tackle & Guns show - some highlights

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Tackle & Guns show - some highlights Tackle & Guns show - some highlights

We had the chance to visit the recent Tackle & Guns trade-only show up at Stoneleigh Park near Warwick. Plenty of new ranges being shown and some particularly interesting items that I picked out to share.

Hero camera

Bob Wellard of Wellard and Scott has managed to continue his knack for finding niche items that are both cool and functional. First up was the 'Hero' - a neat little wrist mounted camera that sits out of the way until you need it when it then folds down for easy use.


Hero photo flips openIt takes both video and photographs and comes in its own waterproof housing. Perfect for every fishing scenario and particularly where you want to be mobile and hands-free. Float tubing and kayaking spring to mind. At just £99 it looks like a cracking Christmas prezzie!


Emotion kayak from Wellard & ScottFollowing on from this therefore, also on the W&S stand was a new brand of kayak I had not seen before. The Emotion, in this case a tandem set up nicely for two fishing together and with a single seater version also in the pipeline. Kayak fishing is enjoying a steady rise in popularity but there is even more scope for fly fishers to take advantage of them, particularly for accessing areas normally out of reach to bankfishers and boaters. Watch out for Fish & Fly taking a lead in this area next year.

 New flies from Fulling Mill

Moving on, after focusing on river patterns last year, Fulling Mill have plenty of new patterns largely focusing on stillwaters for next season. This redresses the balance after last year which covered more river patterns. There is everything from traditionals through to more modern patterns, mostly targetted at trout not suprisingly but with some pike and salmon patterns in the mix also. You will be hard-pressed not to find something to help fill a hole or two in your fly-box anyway, put it like that!



John Bailey talks to camera at the Tackle & Guns showWe also bumped into old mate John Bailey doing some filming about the show and also had an interview which we'll see if we survive the cutting room floor! Orvis were also present with their new acclaimed Helios rods (fun new ads that shows them as being so light that they have to be tied down to stop them floating away!) as well as several new updates to classics such as the Battenkill and Clearwater ranges.

New Demon rods from Hardy'sThen there were others such as Veniards, Snowbee, Donegal Flies, Sharpes of Aberdeen and Hardy-Greys amongst others, all keen to promote their shiny new toys. Too much to cover here but they will find their way into gear tests in due course I am sure.

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