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Classic Coarse - Hardy Marksman Spinning Rod 30g

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by Alan Tomkins

Hardy Marksman Spinning RodThis is the 10 foot spinning model from Hardy's latest range of Marksman rods, recommended by the makers to cast weights of around 30g. That's about an ounce to most of us. It's 3-piece rod, which makes it more convenient for fitting in the boot of a car, a valid point these days with so many items being stolen from vehicles. It isn't however a travel rod and wouldn't fit in the average suitcase (though I believe there is a travel version in the range).  It is nicely finished in a dark translucent green and has Fuji SIC rings throughout, all whipped in green, plus a keeper ring to hook your lure into when not fishing. The rod has sufficient rings, eight in all, to enable it to be used with a multiplier.  Sensibly, for a rod that is quite likely to be thrown into a car for use as and when, the rings are all double legged so will not easily be dislodged. The handle is very nicely made from best quality Portuguese cork, with a very neat and attractive aluminium screw reel fitting & butt cap.  I have always thought it a pity that butt caps went out of fashion and am glad to see Hardy reintroducing them on this range of rods. It won't help you catch fish at all, but it looks nice. Another good point is that the handle is not overlong so won't get caught up in your jacket as you move the rod from side to side when playing a fish.

So much for the cosmetics, but how does the rod perform? It is light, and the tip is both responsive & sensitive, enabling you to feel the lure working. When a good fish is hooked there is enough power in the middle and butt sections to handle it, but not so much as to take away the feel of playing the fish. So far as spinning rods go this one feels as good as any I've tried and perhaps better than most in its class. It's not a heavyweight in the jerk-bait league, it isn't meant to be, but it will give you a lot of sport with medium sized fish and is capable of landing the occasional monster.

The rod comes in a cloth bag, inside a hard cordura tube. And, at last, a British company has gotten itself in line with the top American manufacturers. Hardy offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee! Retail price is around £290, which you may think is a lot for a 10 foot spinning rod. And you would be right - and you would also be right in thinking that there are cheaper rods out there that will do, more or less, the same job. But then, some people do like the Hardy name on their tackle and are willing to pay extra for that privilege. Also, you know you are going to get quality from Hardy. More and more anglers are now travelling long distances to fish, sometimes in remote locations. The last thing they would want would be their tackle to let them down. I'm sure this range of rods will become a favourite with Hardy aficionados.

Alan Tomkins

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