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Marryat Tactical 9' 6 weight rod

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Reviewed by Philip White, APGAI

Earlier this year I was asked to try this rod and give an honest opinion of its performance.   I certainly tried it on the spot and found it to be an easy casting rod that threw both long and, more importantly, short lines very well indeed.    However, I am old fashioned in my ways and not prepared to put my name to anything unless I have tried it out properly, so I have used this rod right through this year, both as a teaching tool and as a fishing rod on suitable waters.   One of the first things I did was to put it in the hands of a number of well qualified APGAI Instructors at Carsington on a very windy day and it got a very good reception from them.

Marryatt Tactical fly rodThe rod has what I call 'feel', a must for teaching beginners, and loads and unloads smoothly for effortless casting.   It is light in weight and quick in action without being stiff, has a good progressive bend and handles decent size fish well.   I do not normally fish waters with stocked 'doubles' but the rod has handled fish of up to around 4 pounds very well in the hands of beginners, a far more important test than if I was using it.    It also plays smaller fish well without overpowering them.    In a 'dry' test - flexing the rod without a line - the tip damps (stops) quickly without a lot of bouncing and quivering, always a sign of a well designed rod.

Cosmetically the rod is pleasing on the eye, having a green blank finished with green whippings, single leg rings that I am growing to like( always been a snake ring fan in the past), a top quality half wells cork handle that fits the hand nicely and an attractive green reel seat with figured hardwood insert.   As a River Keeper for many years I have grown to hate high gloss rod finishes and the finish on this rod is a step in the right direction having a much less glossy finish than usual.   It is a four piece rod and comes in a nicely finished square Green Cordura case that is ideal for travelling.   I would take this rod anywhere in the world and would be quite happy to use it in both freshwater and saltwater where I would expect it to punch above its weight if needs be.

I have been using the rod with a longish belly 6 weight line for teaching but actually use a 5 weight for my own fishing.   Because of the rod's easy, progressive action it handles a short line well which allows me to teach using a fairly short length of the 6 weight long belly line to begin with and then to extend line once their casting starts to develop.   The 5 weight line I use is right at the top of the weight scale, almost half a line weight up on the normal 5 weight, and the rod will throw 25 to 30 yards of this quite easily if necessary.

Price obviously play an important part in the purchase of a rod and this rod, priced at £325, compares very favourably with others at much higher prices.

I have been so impressed with it that I am now using a 10' #7/8 Tactical for my boat fishing on the still waters and Irish Loughs and am also thinking of a smaller, lighter, stream rod as well. 

Where to get one?

The good folks at Alternative Tackle have the full range available online for you to choose from!

CLICK HERE to visit their website.

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