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Varivas Saltwater Hooks & Largartun Extra Strong Thread

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Review by Simon Young

Varivas HooksHaving just returned from a saltwater trip to Los Roques for the Bonefish and Tarpon I appreciate the need for good quality dependable hooks. I tied many of my Tarpon flies on the Varivas 2600 ST-V size 2/0 but also took some size 4/0 to rig on some large tube flies I had made for the Barracuda.

These hooks were designed by IGFA (International Game Fish Association) fly rod record holder Eizo Maruhashi and use a heavy stainless wire with a nice wide gape and an extra sharp V-cutting point. They are finished with a matt surface which will please some guides who are not keen on using flashy hooks. The straight eye means the fly will swim on an even keel and of course makes them suitable for rigging on tubes. This ST stainless version is available in sizes 4/0 - 8, the smaller sizes being ideal for Bonefish flies.

There is a non stainless version made from heavy high power carbon wire available as well, which is Varivas code 2600V, available in sizes 4/0 - 1 in a black finish.

There is also a 4x Long version of the stainless 2600 ST-V available which is reference 2610 ST-V in sizes 2/0 - 6 ideal for streamers.

Barracuda tube fly


Largartun Extra Strong thread

If you have ever experienced that awful moment when your tying silk breaks at a critical point, then this is the thread for you. This Largartun thread really is super strong, but the good news is it is not at all bulky like some other extra strong brands as it lays flat when wound.

It is available in four thicknesses, measured in Denier sizes, 50, 75,100 and 130, 130 Denier being the thickest. I was very surprised how much tension I could apply to this thread when spinning deer hair, because of the flat untwisted construction it means it is less likely to cut into the hair under pressure. The same applies to tying in bucktail wings on salmon tubes so that the heads are not too bulky. It also lays down a smooth underbody for floss or tinsel and will form a nice small compact whip finish at the head of the fly.

This thread is only made in white but that's not a problem as it will accept colour from permanent markers. Recommended!

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