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Boxit waterproof mobile phone case - the review

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Boxit's waterproof case also floats - handy if you drop your phone in the drink! Boxit's waterproof case also floats - handy if you drop your phone in the drink!

Although many of the latest waders and wading jackets have pockets with waterproof zips that will keep a mobile phone dry, they are no use when you want to use a phone in pouring rain.

The Boxit 5 Series is a waterproof mobile phone case that will protect a phone against water, snow, sand and dirt, at the same time as allowing normal use through the case. It will also provide some protection if you drop your phone on hard ground. The case will also keep a phone afloat.

I can see this case being a real benefit to anyone involved with river working parties when they are probably using old waders which have not got waterproof pockets and using it with dirty, wet hands. It will also be great for winter use for anyone involved in other field sports or outdoor activities in bad weather. A Gore Protective Vent (from W.L. Gore & Associates, the manufacturer of Gore-Tex) ensures good sound audibility.

phone underwater in boxit caseThe main problem is the size of phone that will fit in the case. It is too small for many folding phones and larger phones with cameras. A small, basic Nokia fits it nicely. It maybe worth buying a small phone that will fit the case for use when you need to have a phone with you that will be kept dry and working. There is a tall lid for longer phones and hands-free use but then the case is only splash-proof and not waterproof.

The Boxit 5.0 includes the case, tall lid, small lid, antenna extension, hands free plug, versatile clip, plastic spring and support pad. Accessories include a useful neck strap and an attachment for bike handlebars. The case also has provision for a belt.

Boxit 5 Series has a life time guarantee against possible material or manufacturing faults. A faulty component will be exchanged for another.

Watch out for a chance to win your own Boxit case coming soon!

Boxit 5.1 Small Waterproof Protective Mobile Phone Case - Seller: ULC Ltd
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Boxit Information:

  • Boxit® cases are shockproof, 100% waterproof, and will float; and enable users to send text messages, dial, and talk without having to remove their phone from the case.  All Boxit® cases function at temperatures between -40°C and +60°C. Acoustic transmission is maximised through the use of a GORE acoustic membrane supplied by the manufacturer of GORE-TEX®. The inclusion of a silicon seal and clamp lever gives the product certified IP67 class protection, which means that it is totally moisture and dustproof and watertight.
  • Not only is it compact and distinctive in design, buts its features are also unique. Boxit is the only product of its class that uses a GoreTex Audio Membrane, which not only allows sound to travel to and from the phone inside whilst being 100% waterproof, but GoreTex is also breathable. So you won’t get condensation and moisture building up from inside the case on a humid or damp day, that’s something that no other product in the market has to offer.
  • All cases come with a belt clip as standard and are equipped with the same universal, unique fastening system which, with the additional bike adaptor, neck strap or stretch band accessories, enable users to attach them to their wrist, neck, or belt, a boat, a car, or a bicycle quickly and easily. All these features extend the usability of a mobile phone while engaging in any outdoor activity.
  • Boxit comes with either a small or a tall lid ( the Universal Gift pack contains both)is suitable for almost all mobile phone models on the market and many portable GPS units, and can be attached to the wrist, neck, or belt, a boat, a car, a bicycle etc.

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