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FastNet - landing nets made in Scotland

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The Salmon Gye net from FastNets - made in Scotland The Salmon Gye net from FastNets - made in Scotland

Made by an angler for anglers, Robert Cairns is an engineer by trade and has had long experience working with metal before setting out to make his first net as a gift for a friend and the rest as they say, is history..........

How nice to find a range of landing nets specifically designed for the task in hand and to suit several different types of fishing ensuring there is a net (or two) for each of us. Designed and engineered in Scotland and backed up by a Lifetime Guarantee, we were recently given the chance to check out a few of the models in the range.

wading netThe first I picked up was the 'Scoop Wading' model. This is a fixed head design with a short handle and first impressions were it was light yet with a solid metal rim to the net, obviously strong which is backed up by a claimed 13lb yield weight. What I particularly liked was the elaticated laynard that is fixed at the base of the handle and clips to a ring at the neck of the net. In place this lanyard means you can sling the net over your shoulder for carriage but more interestingly I found that it was just the right length to put around my waist which held the net open to either side of me. This made for a perfect line tray setup and I could see this being very useful when wading either in freshwater or along the beach somewhere to keep the line out of the way of snags and waves keeping you mobile.

Scoop Wading Landing Net 19
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Next up was the Folding Trout net. This is probably the type of model that most UK trout fishers have had at one time or other, being easy to carry again with the inclusion of the elasticated lanyard (but it will not work as a line tray as above due to the folding mechanism at the neck of the net which causes the net to rotate and 'close' when tried. It perhaps would have been useful therefore to have included the thread in the base of the handle for the optional ground spike that the larger models have. The net can be flipped open with one hand as you would expect so it can be used whilst playing a fish with the other and a fixed net frame rather than collapsible one again ensures strength and rigidity - no collapsing under the strain of a larger than average fish.

Folding Trout Landing Net 21
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Lastly we had both a Trout and a Salmon sized Gye net to look at. These both benefit from the optional Peel Sling allowing you to carry the net out fo the way on your back and then easily use the net one-handed when the time comes. The standard lanyard acually gets in the way I found especially as you have to unclip the top of it before you can extend the net - not much fun I suspect with freezing fingers and in fast moving water when there are better things to be focusing on. Add on the ground spike and the net also makes a very useful wading staff or even a walking aid for steep banks and slippery grass or rocks.

Superior Salmon Gye Landing Net 26
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Both the website and the brochure contain a long list of well-known and respected ghillies and anglers who are happy to endorse the FastNet range, further testament to their practicality and strengths. All the nets we received came with a spare net included which was a nice touch I thought and if you make sure you register your lifetime guarantee with the company you can be sure of a quality landing net for life.

Full details and the entire range can be found in our Marketplace store. Please click here! 



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