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Tubeology the innovative Fly Tying System

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The Tubeology kit and Sandy's Snake Flies The Tubeology kit and Sandy's Snake Flies

Tubeology launch a brand new innovative fly tying and fishing system at the Spring Fly Show

Have you ever been faced with the situation when salmon fishing where your flies were just not heavy enough or too heavy for a given pool or fast run? A very frustrating time and one that I’ve had myself while fishing for large Kings in Alaska with a sink tip line and what I thought were pretty weighty flies. In the crystal clear water it was very frustrating to see the big Kings that were nailed to the bottom but not move an inch when the fly swung over them. No amount of line mending rectified the depth.

Now with the components in the newly launched Tubeology Complete System it is possible to create an astonishing 72,288 variations from just 1 tube! including converting the fly to a Spinner or even a Flying C Variant.

Fly_Heads300x167_706424713.jpgTube flies have always been adaptable in terms of changing the hook size or type but because the Tubeology kit is a modular system there are no hard and fast rules so it’s possible to change not only the hook but also the weight, size or shape of the cone at the head of the fly plus extend the rear end by adding some flexible hook retaining tubing, ideal for Snake Flies for Sea Trout or Sandeel patterns. More hook ups equals more fish landed.

Another practical advantage of the system is that you don’t need to carry a fly box the size of a large briefcase with you as everything is neatly stored in its own zippered Cordura case roughly 9” x 6” that has elasticated loops to hold the flies and clear zip lock wallets held securely in ring binding for the component pieces. This means that you can add or remove the wallets to suit your location. The tubes themselves are made in Aluminium or Brass, in Gold, Silver or Black finish in sizes 21, 25, 31, 38 and 50mm and they all have the same threaded head and collar at the front to stop the thread from slipping forward whilst tying and also assist in angling the wing slightly.

Copy_of_Vise_539365412.jpgOne feature that impressed me was that the Hook Retainer that clamps into the jaws of a standard fly tying vice is available for left or right handed tiers, and because the tubes screw into the Retainer it means the tube will not rotate when applying pressure from your thread while tying in a wing or doing a whip finish etc.

Because the Tubeology system is so adaptable its use is not limited to just Salmon tubes, it could quite easily be used for other species such as Trout, Seatrout, Pike or even Bass. There are four different kits in the Tubeology range to suit either High or Low water/Trout with or without the Spinner Option. There are also 2 sizes of fly storage available with the same elasticated loops.

Tubeology have also produced a set of 4 “Sandy’s Snake Flies” complete with extra mixed coneheads as an introduction to the system.

For a list of authorised dealers and view the various components of the system, visit www.tubeology.net 




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