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QV-1 Fly Rod Quiver and Tackle Holdall - Tackle Review

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The QV-1 Rod Quiver - a safer alternative to carrying more than one rod? The QV-1 Rod Quiver - a safer alternative to carrying more than one rod?

Forward Fishing Products are a new company with innovation on their mind. The launch of their first product - a Fly Rod Quiver and Tackle Holdall called the QV-1 is definitely worth a look.

What the manufacturer says:

The QV-1 Fly rod Quiver and Tackle Holdall
Extended Launch price £19.99 plus P&P

For Trout, Pike and Salt Water single handed fly rods.

The QV-1 Fly Rod Quiver and tackle holdall has been designed to hold two made up fly rods and other essential tackle items. It allows anglers to safely carry two rods whilst keeping their hands free or fish with one rod and remain mobile, keeping the other rod set up for a quick change. Typically one rod could be set up for dry flies and the other for wet flies the night before thus saving time when arriving at a fishery. You won't have that long walk back along the bank to retrieve the second outfit you left leaning against a tree and it will reduce the risk of damaging your rods when roaming or getting in and out of a boat.

The QV-1 is best suited to two and four piece single handed fly rods up to eleven feet long.

What Fish&Fly say:

IMG_9526_916281344.jpgTrue innovation in angling is hard to find these days as most product types have been redesigned several times, then demand has reverted to classic styles and then new versions redesigned yet again.

John Ward of Forward Fishing Products played with a few different designs he told me before coming up with this final version for production. Designed to hold two fly rods (although it could easily hold spinning or other coarse rods broken down as well) plus other tackle such as folding nets and smaller items whilst keeping your hands free, I could instantly see the promise of an item such as this.

Knowing from first hand experience how easy it is to slip on rocks while carrying rods and causing them (and myself) damage, this keeps them out of harms way behind you. However even when your rods are broken down and stored in the QV-1 you must remember to watch out for low hanging trees which can catch the tops of the rods if you are not careful - out of sight out of mind! Saying that, the very useful neoprene hoods that are attached by bungy cords to cover the tops of your rods do give them a good amount of protection from such mishaps.

The reels are protected in their own padded pouches whilst the rods are held in place by two velcro straps per rod which secure them well into the Quiver.

quiver_pouch_medium_copy_783169861.jpgAt first glance on the review sample we were sent the build quality looks to be very high and the aesthetics are pleasing. I took it out on a day on the river recently and even on the relatively short trek from the car park to the beat found it very useful to free up my hands to carry other items.

Where this will really be useful though is on longer treks around reservoirs, rivers, lakes, lochs and other shorelines where you either want to carry a lot of gear quickly and easily, or alternatively where you want to stay mobile in which case you can sling the Quiver over your opposite shoulder to your casting side so it is out of the way and cast and fish. The adjustable padded shoulder strap was comfortable and will allow you set the Quiver at just the right height for you.

Behind the front panel is a deep padded pocket that will hold a folded net, umbrella or even another rod and underneath the main body of the Quiver is a removable waterproof clear plastic pouch in a zippered pocket that can hold smaller items such as a spare reel or spool plus tippet and fly boxes. Packed carefully you could actually do away with carrying a bag altogether and just rely on the QV-1!

There are also two of the ubiquitous D-rings - one font and one rear for attaching items that clip on like zingers for example so they are in easy reach.

I think most of us would find this type of holdall useful at some points during the season and what is also very attractive about it is the price.

Right now there is an special extended launch price of just £19.99 + £3.75 postage currently direct from Forward Fishing Products.

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