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Snowbee Classic Fly Rod 6' #2/3

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The Classic rod range features a lovely rich hazel colouration on the blank The Classic rod range features a lovely rich hazel colouration on the blank

Buggy whip, magic wand, whatever you call fly rods made in smaller sizes for true ultralight creek and stream fishing they definitely have their place and time where they excel. Snowbee have a 6 foot rod in their Classic range rated at just AFTM 2/3 which happens to fit this description very well.


They Say

Our popular range of Classic fly rods has been updated for 2012, with all-new 4-pce blanks (although the 6' version I received was a 2 piece - Ed), providing a crisp, responsive action. The Classic range has proved as popular with customers just starting out in fly fishing as they have for those just looking for a great rod at an affordable price. This exciting range displays a stunning performance that belies their highly competitive price..

Snowbee classicClassic Fly Rods 
•Fast action blanks, generate high line speed for maximum distance
•Lined stripper rings, high lift snake intermediates and oversize Hayfork tip rings
•A-Grade cork handles, Cigar on lighter weight
•Lightweight black aluminium reel fitting
•Finished in a rich hazel colour, with matching whippings
•All Classic Fly Rods come with our Original Purchaser’s Lifetime Guarantee 
6ft Classic Brook Rod
These delightful little rods are ideal for fishing ultra-light tactics on small brooks and streams. Match them with our delicate presentation fly line and the new Onyx reels, for the ultimate micro dry-fly outfit.

RRP: £49.99

We Say

This lovely little 6 foot rod has provided the perfect remedy to one little stream I fish locally for small wild fish primarily but with the occasional larger stockie thrown in for good measure. With overgrown banks and often fishing under trees down in the deep cut channel, there is minimal room for casting and even with this rod I had to 'take a knee' now and then to get a longer cast in.

Snowbee classicIt is definitely what I would descibe myself as a buggy whip in that the action is soft which is needed to easily load the rod when fishing at close quarters and excels at delivering small and light flies exactly where you want them. I pushed the envelope slightly just to see what would happen with some larger Elk Hair caddis and nymphs that I would normally fish on 4 weights and above and while not easy I found that adding power to the very final part of the forward cast on the final delivery (almost whipping it in effect) would shoot the fly more or less where I wanted most of the time.

Matched with Snowbee's Onyx reel that I reviewed previously, this is a very nice balanced setup and one I would like to have to hand whether up on Dartmoor or the Dales chasing small wild fish. It would also make a great outfit for chasing dace and roach on small coarse streams I would suggest. I also managed to land a couple of brown trout in the 1 1/2lb range and found the rod made for a great shock absorber to protect the light tippet I was using in this respect.

Where to Purchase

You can buy from your regular Snowbee dealer or directly online by clicking here.

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