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Leatherman Skeletool

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Yes my friends, the Skeletool will even open your beer bottle... Yes my friends, the Skeletool will even open your beer bottle...

With a name like the Skeletool you'd think this might have been more appropriate as a Halloween review but this handy gadget is a fisherman's friend no matter what the season with a simple but refined selection of tools included in this pared down version of what are typically known as multi-tools.


They Say

At a mere five ounces, the Skeletool, full-size multi-tool from Leatherman features a stainless steel blade, pliers, bit driver and carabiner/bottle opener. A removable pocket clip means it easily clips onto a belt, pack or vest.

  • skeletool_beauty_628433767.jpg25 Year Warranty
  • 420HC Stainless Steel Clip Point Combo Straight/Serrated Knife
  • 6016-T6 Aluminium Handle Scale
  • Bit Driver
  • Carabiner/Bottle Opener
  • Hard-Wire Cutters
  • Needlenose Pliers
  • Phillips #1 and #2 Bit
  • Regular Pliers
  • Screwdriver 3/16" and 1/4" Bit
  • Wire Cutters
  • Nylon Pouch

SRP: £69.95

We Say

What first strikes me about this particular multi-tool offering from the well-known Leatherman stable is just what a nice looking piece of equipment it is. The shiny stainless steel, the drilled out framework to help reduce weight and the ergonomic shape all combine into a seriously must-have piece of gear.

SKeletool_REAL_w_sheath_905738277.jpgRather than the dozen or more gadgets and doohickeys crammed in to others models in the range, the Skeletool keeps it simple and that's why I like it. It basically combines a very nice sharp blade, pliers, screwdriver with 4 flat and Phillips heads, wire cutters and a combined carabiner/bottle opener. All very useful tools to the angler and with a quality of build that will last.

The plier head is not what an angler would typically call "needlenose" in that it is not long and thin for delicate unhooking manoeuvres, it has more of a regular head shape but the very front of the head does close together absolutely perfectly so you can grasp the smallest of items tightly. The blade itself locks out and then is released by a downward push on a safety bar - nice to know it is not going to snap back on you if you should need to exert some force. The "bit driver" is located at the end of one of the arms so you also get a good amount of leverage behind it if working on rusty or very tight screws. The bit being used is locked in place and released by a clip and the spare bit is tucked away nicely into the handle.

leatherman_skeletool_folded_600_184060694.jpgFully folded the Skeletool is smaller than a phone and can either be attached to a belt with the clip located on one arm, hang on a bag or jacket loop via the built-in carabiner or be placed into its accompanying nylon sheath which has a belt loop and velcro fastening.

All in all a very versatile tool and as long as it is kept clean and a little light oil added now and then, it should last a long time which is backed up by the manufacturers 25 year warranty.

Oh yes, and that carabiner clip... as you will see in the main image it is also designed to be a bottle opener too. Now that's class!

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