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Fishing Tackle

Hardy MA DD Reels

In this short video Hardy Brand Manager, Howard Croston, introduces the Hardy MA DD series of reels. ... Full story

Snowbee Waldron Bench Top Pedestal Vice

Check out this terrific fly tying vice from our colleagues at Devon Angling ... Full story

Review: Oakley Fuel Cell Woodland Camo Sunglasses

We check out a top pair of Polarising glasses from Oakley. ... Full story

Measuring Fly Reel Capacity

Isn't it such a pain when your new line does not fit on your fly reel? Yet how many of us actually know the volume in our spools? ... Full story

Reel Britannia...

John Wolstenholme reviews a fly reel that he reckons puts British, more specifically Yorkshire, reel manufacture firmly back on the map: The Fly Reel Company's RB1. ... Full story

Review - Hardy CLS Fly Reel

Andy Buckley reviews the Hardy CLS Fly Reel...and finds just the reel he has long been looking for! ... Full story

Workforce Ultimate Comfort Socks

Us anglers spend a lot of time on our feet, walking to and from fishing spots and wearing all sorts of footwear from trainers and shoes, to wellingtons and waders. I was recently given the chance to test out some socks designed to help make the day more comfortable. ... Full story

Wychwood River & Stream Reel Review

Technological advancements in carbon fly fishing rod production are driving the weight of modern rods further and further down. A quick glance through the new 2013 Sportfish catalogue will reveal rod weights as low as 1.4 ounces! Such rods are a joy to cast and fish with, and can make every fish seem like a monster, but there has been an issue with this, one which I have experienced personally. ... Full story

Streamtec 10'0" 6# Fly Rod

After the success of their other rod ranges, Flextec were asked if they were ever going to produce a fly rod specifically for river and stream fishing. The Streamtec range was the result. Pair them with one of the Flextec fly reels and you have a very affordable outfit. ... Full story

Flextec Classic Multispool Cassette Fly Reel

Cassette fly reels continue to prove very popular as a relatively cheap and affordable way of housing all the line types you need on cassette style spools, so they can be swapped on and off your main reel body as necessary. Flextec have their own extremely keenly priced version. ... Full story

Flextec Richel Fly Reel

Everyone is looking for a bargain right now and if it is a fly reel you are seeking then it is worth having a look at the Richel from Flextec which comes in two sizes and is pre-loaded with a backing, a floating line and a leader and is selling for just £29.99 currently. All you need to do is attach a fly and start fishing. ... Full story

Leatherman Skeletool

With a name like the Skeletool you'd think this might have been more appropriate as a Halloween review but this handy gadget is a fisherman's friend no matter what the season with a simple but refined selection of tools included in this pared down version of what are typically known as multi-tools. ... Full story

MacWet Sports Gloves

With the autumn well under way and winter just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about how to protect and keep your hands warm on those cold and wet weather days by the water. We tested out the MacWet short cuff Climatec gloves recently to see how fishing friendly they were. ... Full story

Snowbee Classic Combo Kit 9' #5/6

With quality fly fishing gear being available at all price levels these days, no longer should all Combo Kits be necessarily viewed only as suitable for complete beginners or as a first fly fishing outfit. Snowbee prove that with their Classic Combo, fly fishers of all levels should consider these an option. ... Full story

Patagonia Long Sleeve Overhand Shirt

What to wear when you go fishing can often be a difficult choice if you know you probably have to go somewhere else before or want to socialise afterwards and that tattered old sweatshirt or other usual choice is just not going to cut it. Enter the Patagonia Overhand Shirt! ... Full story

Keep Pesky Insects Away

Nothing can ruin a fishing trip or holiday more than constant attention and irritation from flying and other biting insects like mosquitoes, midges and ticks not to mention the potential health risks involved. We recently tried out Ultrathon Insect Repellant from 3M in the great outdoors on a trip over to the Labrador region of Canada. ... Full story

Snowbee Classic Fly Rod 6' #2/3

Buggy whip, magic wand, whatever you call fly rods made in smaller sizes for true ultralight creek and stream fishing they definitely have their place and time where they excel. Snowbee have a 6 foot rod in their Classic range rated at just AFTM 2/3 which happens to fit this description very well. ... Full story

Women's Sun Jacket from Patagonia

It is great to see that several of the major brands have launched wider ranges of tailored women's fishing clothing over the last year or so - no more having to wear baggy clothing designed for men (unless that's what you want of course.) Sofi Wolstenholme took a Patagonia Women's Sun Jacket out for a test despite the recent weather! ... Full story

Rockhopper Wading Boots from Snowbee

These neoprene soft wading boots are an interesting option compared to the more normal style of boot most anglers will be familiar with. They originated from the sea angling industry in Japan so do they have a role to play for UK and European anglers? ... Full story

Stealth Atom Sling by Patagonia

Over the shoulder sling packs are really useful for storing gear like your water bottle, fly boxes, tippet and other tools until you need them and then making it really easy to access, in Patagonia's case without having to take the Atom Sling off even! You can still carry enough gear for a full day. ... Full story

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