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Bill Klyn - Patagonia. Build the Best Products, Cause No Unnecessary Harm

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Bill Klyn - patagonia. Giving Back Bill Klyn - patagonia. Giving Back

Patagonia are one of those iconic businesses and quite rightly recognised as one of the most well-respected manufacturers in the outdoors market. Famously started out of a tin shed by leading environmentalist Yvon Chouinard who was making climbing gear for himself and friends, the firm has grown to cover not just climbing but hiking, skiiing, surfing and of course, fly fishing. In their own words they qualify their mission statement listed in the teaser as follows - "Many companies claim quality as their central mission, but few really stop to define what it is. At Patagonia we spend a lot of time thinking about quality, and we apply it to our products, to our experience of fishing and the fishing community, and to our interaction with streams, rivers, bays...water. To us, quality is all-encompassing." Quality is then defined by 9 specific attributes which every product is held up against - re-assuring in this modern world where speed and convenience can often be the downfall of manufacturing standards in lesser brands.

Outdoor monolith Patagonia is world-renowned for its environmental ethic, its engineering drive... and its high prices. Listen to Bill Klyn, head product designer for Patagonia's fly fishing division, explain exactly what your dollars go to when you buy a Patagonia product - from innovative recycling efforts to the leave-no-trace ethos that defined the company from its very humble beginnings and continues to shape its products today.

Not content with outfitting fly fishers with the best and most sensitively produced garments they can develop, Patagonia are also behind several high-profile conservation efforts, perhaps most notably the Wild Trout Initiative. We will have more on this program in the coming months and how Patagonia are bringing it to benefit wild fish and the anglers that fish for them in the UK and beyond. This will also include how YOU can get involved and help in deciding the most deserving efforts that should be rewarded with assistance.

The Patagonia website is a treasure-trove of information and articles about its programs, field reports and other cool stuff that we will be cherry picking from over the coming year with help from Fishing Manager and well-known industry figure Bill Klyn.

The Itinerant Angler Podcast: Season Three

Episode Thirteen: Giving Back with Patagonia's Bill Klyn

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