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Gary Loomis - podcast interview with Zach Matthews

Gary Loomis is best known today as the founder of G.Loomis, one of the world's largest fishing brands. But did you know he used to be a self-characterized steelhead junkie? ... Full story

April Vokey - B.C. Steelhead's Unique Voice

Few people of any stripe start their own businesses in their mid-twenties, but next to none go about it quite like April Vokey. Unconventional in the extreme, the rare woman in a man's world, April has overcome everything from institutional prejudice to a car accident which nearly ended her fishing career. "Damn right you can wear mascara," April tells her fellow female anglers. "You wear it to the grocery store; why can't you wear it to the river? Why would you have to look like a boy to fish like one?" Why indeed? Don't miss this extremely unique voice - for her insights into angling, into steelhead, and into perseverance. This week: new music from Dana Falconberry! ... Full story

Bill Klyn - Patagonia. Build the Best Products, Cause No Unnecessary Harm

Patagonia are one of those iconic businesses and quite rightly recognised as one of the most well-respected manufacturers in the outdoors market. Famously started out of a tin shed by leading environmentalist Yvon Chouinard who was making climbing gear for himself and friends, the firm has grown to cover not just climbing but hiking, skiiing, surfing and of course, fly fishing. In their own words they qualify their mission statement listed in the teaser as follows - "Many companies claim quality as their central mission, but few really stop to define what it is. At Patagonia we spend a lot of time thinking about quality, and we apply it to our products, to our experience of fishing and the fishing community, and to our interaction with streams, rivers, bays...water. To us, quality is all-encompassing." Quality is then defined by 9 specific attributes which every product is held up against - re-assuring in this modern world where speed and convenience can often be the downfall of manufacturing standards in lesser brands. ... Full story

Fish&Fly podcast - Richard Hewitt and Tom Pero discuss the recent merger.

Tom Pero, Editor of Fish & Fly Magazine, and Richard Hewitt, owner of FishandFly.com, discuss the breaking news of the merger between their companies, what this means for subscribers, and the editorial direction of the new venture. Season Four kicks off with this breaking news story (and what breaking news story would be complete without red, purple, even yellow bikinis). Intrigued? Stay tuned. ... Full story

Ted Juracsik - Tibor Reels interview

Juracsik's life can only be properly described with one word: epic. Like Odysseus cast adrift from a country in ruins, Ted wandered Europe's Cold War refugee camps before finding his way to New York City ... Full story

Frank Smethurst - Running Down the Dream

Best known for his appearance in Felt Soul Media's hit fly-fishing movie Running Down the Man (watch out for our review coming soon!), Frank Smethurst is one of the few anglers qualified to represent the up-and-coming sector of fly fishing in any environment ... Full story

Charles Jardine - Tradition in Transition

Charles Jardine is one of the world's great experts; his breadth of knowledge ranges from the chalk streams of England to the four corners of the United States. ... Full story

Around the World with Barry & Cathy Beck

Barry and Cathy Beck are synonymous with excellence in fly fishing photography. As some of the most successful trip hosts in the industry, they've experienced their fair share of exciting travel experiences, too. ... Full story

The Cane Mutiny - an interview with Sante Giuliani

Sante Giuliani provides a lively and interesting interview this week on the subject of bamboo fly rods, his personal rehabilitation thanks to cane, as well as some useful recommendations on current and past makers of bamboo rods for the fisherman and collector to consider. ... Full story

Bruce Richards - Chief Line Designer for 3M/Scientific Anglers

We've got a good one for you this week: 3M/Scientific Anglers chief line designer and all around guru Bruce Richards. Bruce discusses fly line manufacture, the Sage Casting Analyzer, and why all those new rods are so darn stiff. ... Full story

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