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Jurassic Lake - The Amazing Wild Rainbow Trout Fishery

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Jurassic Lake in Argentina - bookable through Loop's Solid Adventures Co. Jurassic Lake in Argentina - bookable through Loop's Solid Adventures Co.

Deep in the hinterland of Argentina lies the fabled Lago Strobel, better known as Jurassic Lake thanks the prehistoric proportions of the introduced rainbow trout that have grown fat and strong on the local shrimp population in the lake.

Watch the short video below that shows the sort of amazing fishing that this lake has become famous for and then book your adventure with the Solid Adventures Co, brought to you by the team at Loop Tackle. 

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Comments (8 posted):

holo on 20/02/2012 12:06:09
I'm fishing Grafham (Durassic Lake 11) in May. Armed with a stun gun no less. The killer shrimp will be larger and no doubt meaner this year. Dogs are going awol in droves I hear. Bob
demon boy on 20/02/2012 17:17:57
You can watch behind the scenes it's half an hour long on youtube:):thumbs:
black knight on 20/02/2012 18:39:43
Fantastic place and wonderful hard fighting trout. What a dream holiday if you can afford it?
andyhake1 on 20/02/2012 19:51:11
Yes Yes Yes, i want to go. Need to save my pennies now.:)
Macmagoo on 20/02/2012 21:35:20
Think I will go there when I win the Lottery at the weekend.
holo on 20/02/2012 21:37:39
You'll need more than a 10 win. How is you arm. :) Bob
baldyeagle on 20/02/2012 22:28:24
Hi, Looks amazing, how much would something like this cost for a few days fishing with flights and accom included? Cheers Kevin
patagoniaaustralff on 04/06/2013 23:36:54
Hi guys, for those who have seen either Solid Camp beside the river or Laguna Verde lodge, I tell you right now that there is another option much cheaper and with excellent fishing too. Is half the price of both lodges i mentioned. This one is located on the north margin of Jurassic and is called Pecho Blanco. The acomodation is no luxury but it offers a good service. I guide myself there and honestly, it doesnt have the amount of fishes you can find beside the river but there is plenty of them too and same sizes. 15 fishes a day more less. I am the one playing the guitar on loops video!! I guided 6 years for Loop and still do now as a free lance, Im editing a video in Solid Camp (loop) camp with huge fishes. I will upload it in coupple of month. cheers
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