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Casting for Recovery - help Brookhall Trout Fishery raise funds

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Casting for Recovery - help Brookhall Trout Fishery raise funds

Help Linda and Bri raise funds. Brookhall Trout Fishery, near Lisburn, Northern Ireland is running a Casting for Recovery retreat in the middle of September

Two of our flyforums.co.uk members, Linda and Bri (Greyduster) are helping Brookhall Trout Fishery raise funds for Casting for Recovery.
Take a look at what Linda has to say and how you can help raise funds:

“Fly casting is one of the best exercises in the recovery of breast cancer and myself and Bri were honoured to be asked to help out last year with the ladies. It was a very rewarding and humbling experience.

C4r_1.JPGWe both wanted to help with the fund raising efforts and Bri has spent a lot of time lately tying up a boxful of flies and has bought a Wychwood vuefinder large - double sided fly box to put them in, there is 365 flies in the box in total. A fly for everyday of the year and hopefully a range of flies that most would find useful. All the flies are tied on top quality hooks - mostly Kamasan and some Hayabusa. There is a mix of buzzers, dries, lures, nymphs, blobs etc.

The fly box will be delivered to Brookhall Fishery and you will be able to view or buy tickets there also. We would like to raffle the fly box and try to raise as much as possible. The way I am going to raffle it is to sell raffle squares - each square is £2 each or 3 for £5


Anyone wishing to buy squares for the raffle please pm me (Linda) for details on payment, which can be by Cheque, PayPal or Postal Order. Tickets are also available at Brookhall Fishery and the winner of the raffle will be drawn by the ladies from Casting for Recovery at the retreat during the speeches. Casting for Recovery UK & Ireland is a non-profit, support and educational program for women who have or have had breast cancer. For more information go to www.castingforrecovery.org.uk

Brookhall Fishery is holding a retreat in September for the third year running. These retreats are an important and transforming experience with a focus on social support and group interactions, reducing the feeling of isolation many survivors might have.

Fingers crossed.
You can help,


Please support this great charity. To buy raffle squares please PM Linda for details on how to pay, or email the editor and all queries will be passed on to Linda.

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