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Iceland, A Return to Northern Latitudes

Despite a delayed spring bringing a few challenges Alex Jardine enjoys his return to the Laxardal trout beats in Iceland. ... Full story

Robjent's Chalkstream Diaries - An Early Season Look

Well it seems odd to be considering the trout season, snow is floating through the air outside and ice formation are commonplace, but the season is just about underway. A recent act of madness saw me stood on the banks of a small Stillwater trying to retrieve my line quicker than it would freeze in the rod rings! ... Full story

Chalkstream Diaries - Grayling and Pike on the Fly

December was consistent with previous months and continued to be wet, very wet! Having said this all was not lost, and with a bit of hunting I found a small Avon tributary near Salisbury that would be possible to fish. Although it was high the flows consisted mainly of ground water therefore providing a very clear waterway. ... Full story

The Chalkstream Diaries - Do The Fish Really Outsmart Us?

November, a month known for shorter days, the onset of winter, and the growing of facial hair for charity! November 2012 on the other hand will be remembered as an incredibly wet month, a time when we even saw our southern Chalkstreams unfishable on occasions! ... Full story

Robjent's Chalkstream Diaries - Autumn Colour

Autumn is perhaps the time when nature is at its most spectacular; we see a plethora of colours fill the countryside, the last warmth before we are plunged into the depths of winter. It is as the leaves burn orange and red before falling from the trees that nature’s curtain is pulled back to reveal a busy world of bankside wildlife. ... Full story

Robjent's Chalkstream Diaries - Season Round Up

The curtains have now been drawn on a unique and bizarre trout season on the chalkstream and indeed the nation as a whole. Fishing has always been about searching into the unknown and testing your own ability against nature, this year has epitomised that. Alex Jardine looks back at what was a strange and testing trout season. ... Full story

Robjent's Chalkstream Diary - Sawyer Nymphing

August finally treated us with some form of settled weather, we had the odd heavy shower but on the whole the month was good. The rivers looked spectacular, they were running full, most areas had lush weed growth and they were crystal clear. These conditions paint the perfect picture of a chalkstream, minus the mayfly I suppose, even though the odd bewildered one is still seen fluttering on the River Avon at that time of year. A perfect picture it may be, but the fish were reluctant to give themselves up in these conditions, my last article covered five tips for Summer Success and they have been vital this year for my own outings. ... Full story

Robjent's Chalkstream Diaries - Summer Success

Again another month gone and still no form of settled weather to speak of. Just when you think you know what is happening with the conditions it goes and does something completely different! This changeable weather has made for a unique and challenging first half of the season, suffering low water and now bordering too much of the stuff. ... Full story

Robjent's Chalkstream Diaries - April Showers

I am sat here hiding indoors from pouring rain and howling gales. It is an odd sensation after such a prolonged dry period but April certainly lived up to its reputation for the associated showers that often accompany it! ... Full story

Robjent's Chalkstream Diaries - Dusting off the (Fly Fishing) Cobwebs

Walking around in shorts, wearing sunglasses and enjoying pub gardens, what has happened to the UK spring?? March madness indeed! This month we have seen the close of the coarse fish season including the grayling, and it is now time to think about the impending trout season, easily done when its 20 degrees+ and sunny outside! ... Full story

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