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How Many Rods in Your Bag?

In his latest offering Simon Cooper admits to being ‘beyond hope’ when it comes to rods. ... Full story

Sage TXL-F - Tried and Tested

Andy Buckley of Farlows looks at a lightweight gem of a rod from the Sage stable that passes the ‘shop waggle’ test... ... Full story

Custom Fly Rod Service In London

Chris Clemes Fly Rod & Reel Makers, one of only a few fly fishing companies to manufacture entirely in England, launched a unique custom built bamboo fly rod service in London’s West End last Christmas. ... Full story

New Rodsmith's Guild Launches

A new trade guild for those involved with the fabrication of fine fishing rods has been established in the United States of America, and is now open to individuals from any country. ... Full story

Streamtec 10'0" 6# Fly Rod

After the success of their other rod ranges, Flextec were asked if they were ever going to produce a fly rod specifically for river and stream fishing. The Streamtec range was the result. Pair them with one of the Flextec fly reels and you have a very affordable outfit. ... Full story

Unique Fly Rod Design Seeks Backers

ArcticSilver (ASI) is a new brand committed to creating innovative and iconic fly fishing products. With the Free-Flex℗ concept, ASI’s design team has developed the most exciting rods on the market for today's demanding fly fishers. ... Full story

Snowbee Classic Fly Rod 6' #2/3

Buggy whip, magic wand, whatever you call fly rods made in smaller sizes for true ultralight creek and stream fishing they definitely have their place and time where they excel. Snowbee have a 6 foot rod in their Classic range rated at just AFTM 2/3 which happens to fit this description very well. ... Full story

How to Maintain your Fly Rod

John Anderson is a self-confessed fishing buff from down-under Australia. He was introduced to fishing rods and other fishing tackle when he was four and shares with us his tips on how to take care of and maintain your fly rod. ... Full story

Yellowstone Angler's 4 Weight Shootout

George Anderson and his team at the well-known Yellowstone Angler store based in Montana's Paradise Valley, have conducted a no-holds barred comparison of a range of fly rods the last few years. This year it has been the turn of the 4 weights and yet again the Hardy Zenith reigned supreme. ... Full story

Aleka A3 Fly Rod - 2 Piece 9' 5#

2 piece fly rods are due a bit of a comeback I think and so apparently do new fly fishing brand Aleka. 4 piece rods although convenient for packing and travelling seem to have taken over even in the domestic market these days yet it is so much quicker to put up a 2 piece and a lot of seasoned anglers actually prefer them. ... Full story

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