A new concept in Wing Design now at Lakeland

The profile of these Realistic Burners is excellent to help you create the perfect wings and wing buds for your Flies. ... Full story

A tip worth its weight!

FDG Instructor Dr Paul Davis has a 'cunning plan'. Have you ever looked at your fly box and wondered which of your nymph patterns are weighted and which are unweighted yet look identical? ... Full story

Let's get Flashy - Fly Tying with a twinkle

When you need that little bit extra in your flies a touch of flash goes a long way. ... Full story

New from Wapsi

Three new fly tying must-have's from Wapsi now in stock at Lakeland Fly Tying. ... Full story

Latest fly tying offers from Lakeland

We received several of the latest newsletters from Lakeland this week so you will find them all attached inside......... ... Full story

Chinese capes from Lakeland

Lakeland Fly Tying have 16 colours of Genetic Chinese Rooster Capes to choose from. ... Full story

Semperfli Products

I came across a couple of interesting products at the Spring Fly Fair from a company I had not heard of before, Semperfli. This company has taken a fresh look at tying materials, with an emphasis on small imitative flies. These products are specifically designed for fly tying and not a bi-product of the textile industry. ... Full story

Tubeology the innovative Fly Tying System

Tubeology launch a brand new innovative fly tying and fishing system at the Spring Fly Show ... Full story

Fly Tying Bits and Bobs from Lakeland

Threads, silks, flosses and more. Lakeland Fly Tying have received a massive stock update of materials so order your favourites now. ... Full story

Spider Time at Lakeland Fly Tying

The selection of Whiting Brahma Hen and Midge hackles should prove very popular with the trout season just around the corner once again. ... Full story

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