RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival 2014 - Coming Soon!

Now in its eighth year, RISE is on a mission to celebrate the diverse world of fly fishing, to connect anglers through shared experience, and to create public awareness of fly fishing's new dynamic emergence. ... Full story

Fishing on the Frontier - Part 40 - The Changing Paradigm

Right now, there is huge excitement about what is happening in this sport we love so much, particularly the single-handed fly rod discipline, with trout and grayling, and let's be fair, any species - salt water or fresh - that can be caught on fly. ... Full story

Fishing on the Frontier - Part 39: The Frontier Opens

"There are many frontiers in our sport, and there always will be, I suspect." Former England International Fly Fishing team member and now coach to the Australian National Fly Fishing team, Jeremy Lucas continues his look at the leading edge of fly fishing development. ... Full story

Wild Trout Weekend on the Eden in June

In a bid to support important fisheries conservation and habitat restoration work on the river, Eden Rivers Trust and the Wild Trout Trust have joined forces to present a ‘Wild Trout Weekender’ fundraising event on 18th-19th June 2011. ... Full story

Fishing on the Frontier - Part 36 - An Invitation!

This is your chance to join author, qualified fly fishing instructor and guide Jeremy Lucas on his beloved San River in Poland this year for a magical weeks fly fishing and learn about 'fishing on the frontier' yourself. ... Full story

World Championship update - 8th June

What a difference a few days make! ... Full story

Tactical Fly Fishing by Jeremy Lucas - book review

Terry Lawton reviews Jeremy Lucas' latest book which aims to pass on his wealth of knowledge and passion for learning advanced techniques and applying them in practice. ... Full story

Fishing on the Frontier - Part 30 - Accuracy

Rivers all over Britain have been steadily falling this spring. Here on Eden we have had more than six weeks now with no appreciable rain-fall. ... Full story

Fishing on the Frontier - Part 29 - Spring on Eden

"You have to be in the right place at the right time" says Jeremy Lucas talking about spring fishing. Timing can be everything with the river system and the fish just getting into gear. ... Full story

Fishing on the Frontier - Part 28 - Spring Thoughts

Having spent the weekend at the Spring show at Newark, meeting up with so many friends in this special introduction to the new trout fishing season, the wonders of the community of our sport continue to astonish me. ... Full story

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