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Hardy to Release a New 'Made in England' Version of its Famous Bouglé Reel.

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The Hardy Bouglé will, once again, be 'Made in England' The Hardy Bouglé will, once again, be 'Made in England'

This is the 110th anniversary of the first Hardy Bouglé and it heralds a return to England for the reel as, from October 2013, production of the Bouglé will return to Alnwick after a period of overseas manufacture.





This is part of a wider strategy by the company to reinvigorate its ‘Made in England’ range, at a time where businesses across a range of industries are bringing manufacture back from overseas suppliers. The ‘reshoring’ trend has seen the return of a range of diverse with firms citing rising wages in the Far East, or a wish to shorten complex supply chains as the reason behind the move.

For the Alnwick-based tackle manufacturer, there’s more to it than that, and Sales and Marketing Director, Ken Brewster explained:

“We’ve been making tackle in Alnwick since the 1870’s and the craftsmen and engineers at Hardy have been behind many of the major innovations in tackle design for the last 140 years. We owe it to our heritage to maintain a core manufacturing facility here. As a cousin of our most famous reel, the Perfect, the Bouglé was the obvious first choice. We also plan to repatriate Lightweight, Cascapedia, and Marquis reels over the next 18 months.”

The reinvigoration of the Alnwick-made range is being supported by the company with a new mail order catalogue, and an ecommerce website showcasing the Made in England range and the craftsmen and skills behind it. This gives consumers the option of buying Hardy Bros. products either direct from Hardy, or from approved retailers.

The Bouglé will add a sixth line to the list of products currently made in Alnwick, alongside the Perfect and St. George reels, the Artisan SINTRIX fly rods and the Gladstone and Moran split cane fly fishing rods.

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